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Wall of Guilds: End of an era!

Welcome to this week’s Wall of Guilds, the place to find your new in-game home! This will of course be the final Wall, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has sent in guild ads and event details. I’d also like to thank Jeff, DD and everyone else on the TORWars […]

SWTOR Loading Screen: A Latecomer’s Quest for HK-51, Part 2

And it

Hello, and welcome to part two of my quest to acquire HK-51. You can read part one here to find out why I’m doing this. Now, this part of the story involves the location of seven pieces of HK-51 scattered all over the galaxy. Since the first piece listed takes me to one of my […]

TORWars Podcast #175: Stuff, Things, and Whatever!

Does this look like a fun party?  It

Hello, fellow galactic citizens, and welcome to the very latest edition of the TORWars podcast!  This is a bit of an odd show for us because, quite frankly, we had to cut out a lot of otherwise newsy tidbits.  Why, you ask?  Well, there’s just been a feast of SWTOR news of late, and quite […]

SWTOR Loading Screen: A Latecomer’s Quest for HK-51Part 1

And it

  It’s not much of a secret that I don’t do much by way of group content in MMOs. It’s for scheduling reasons more than anything else, but it’s the reason that a year and a half after he became available with Patch 1.5, I never bothered to embark on the series of quests to […]

SWTOR Loading Screen: See, I Told You It Was Rakghouls

And it

Okay, so we all knew that the rakghouls were coming back. We didn’t know much about the specifics, other than that it would be a reputation event just like the Relics of the Gree, information we at TORWars readily fished from the Open PTS late last year. A week before the event went live, BioWare […]

SWTOR Loading Screen: Canon and the New Story Group

And it

This past week saw news dropping from Disney and repeated by various news outlets that may have some impact upon the future of Star Wars: the Old Republic. For a number of years, Lucasfilm kept an archive of what was and was not considered canon and which level of canon it was. Wookieepedia maintains a […]

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