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Galaxy of Guilds – Poetically Cryptic

This week we venture to the Corellian Run server to visit with a PVE guild of happy, rampant altoholics. Guild Leader Aya Solari shows us around her guild, Poetically Cryptic, which incidentally is a good guild to choose if you are planning on meeting your future spouse in game. Turns out that they can now […]

Galaxy of Guilds – Bastion of Darkness

This week’s guild send a very definite message where their recruitment is concerned: People > Numbers. “We really aren’t interested in how great your gear is or how “Badass” you are”, says Highlite, their guild leader who is showing us around Bastion of Darkness today.   Quick stats: Guild type: PvE. Server: The Shadowlands. Empire or Republic? Empire. […]

Galaxy of Guilds – Stonewall Council

There was never a time when the word “everybody” actually meant everybody. Usually it means “us but not those guys over there”. In this case here is a guild that tries to take a distinctly broader approach to the word “everybody” than most guilds by declaring their welcome to all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Questioning, and […]

Galaxy of Guilds – Divine Retribution

This week we visit a guild of dualities under the guidance of their current guild leader, Exile. Divine Retribution on The Red Eclipse Server takes it very seriously when they say real life comes before gaming and have structured their raiding around that concept. More Eternity Vault perhaps but the pay off in terms of […]

Galaxy of Guilds – The 5th Column

This week we visit with an RP guild of tenacious PVPers on The Ebon Hawk who have a guild leader who composes their very own songs and dresses up in hood, mask and glasses for his guild when called upon. They are also a rare case in this series as they are a guild that […]

Galaxy of Guilds – Paradigm Continuum

If your guild has been discussing making the switch from a single MMO to multiple games maybe today’s guild has some experience you can build on. Their approach to being a multi-gaming guild is to run individual guilds (with individual names and identities) under the umbrella guild of Paradigm Continuum. Quick stats: Guild type: RP, […]

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