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SWTOR Loading Screen: Looking Forward to Game Update 2.6

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  Now that the holidays are more or less over for most of us, we come to that time when everyone starts looking at the future. In the Star Wars: the Old Republic forums, user Amona queried when Patch 2.6 would be released, referring back to the old promise from September 2012 that we’d get […]

SWTOR Patch Notes – Game Update 2.6: Galactic Starfighter


Game update 2.6 will hit the servers tomorrow, February 4th, and with it, will come the ability to play Galactic Starfighter for ALL players. There will also be a new ship role, the Bomber. Bombers are tough support ships that drop mines and drones throughout the battlefield which detonate when enemies get close. There’s also […]

SWTOR Loading Screen: What a Difference a Year Has Made

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One year ago yesterday, my first article was published on TORWars, then featured by our Darth-in-Chief Deirdre Hollis as a guest post. Little did I know that I’d still be doing this a year later and that it would have led to an epic personal journey into what I wanted to do when I grew […]

SWTOR Loading Screen: What’s in a Name?

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  Ironically, I was going to write an article this week wishing BioWare would release ancient, unused names so active players can put them to better use. My prescience paid off when BioWare announced just that in Bruce Maclean’s Holiday Update that our esteemed Editor and Darth-in-Chief summarized for us earlier today. Do you remember […]

TORWars Podcast #167: The Obscure Reference Cast


Hello TORWarriors!!!!  Welcome to this episode of the TORWars Podcast #167: The Obscure Reference Cast. The last week has been nothing but a fountain of information coming out of BioWare. Star Wars: The Old Republic is only getting more interesting with news of the “SSSP” coming into the spotlight as SWTOR’s next expansion, “Galactic Starfighter”. I […]

SWTOR Game Update 2.4.1 Patch Notes

Vader just got a new patch.

Hello there TORWarriors! Amber Green has worked especially hard to get you these patch notes. Some things to note are Bounty Contract Week items: a new Minipet and new vehicle. Enjoy the read!   Game Update 2.4.1 Patch Notes General ● Priority Transport Terminals on the Republic Fleet have been adjusted and no longer fail […]

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