Galaxy of Guilds – Bastion of Darkness

This week’s guild send a very definite message where their recruitment is concerned: People > Numbers. “We really aren’t interested in how great your gear is or how “Badass” you are”, says Highlite, their guild leader who is showing us around Bastion of Darkness today.

Galaxy of Guilds - Bastion of Darkness


Quick stats:

Guild type: PvE.

Server: The Shadowlands.

Empire or Republic? Empire.

Founded date: October 2011.

Guild leader(s) forum name: Highlite23 & Kameron.

No. of Members: 11.


Bastion of Darkness on The Shadowlands

What prompted the formation of your guild?

Our guild traveled a familiar road I’m sure, like many MMO players we migrated from other games to SWTOR. Once we burned ourselves out we decided to re-evaluate what we wanted in a guild and why. The why was easy, we really enjoy MMO’s, add Star Wars to it and it made the choice even easier because we’re a bunch of Star Wars geeks. The downside, like all MMO’s is time. So we decided to create a guild that catered to players with lives and limited time. We managed to carve out some success in other games with limited time so we figured why not. It is possible to enjoy and get just as much out of the game as a diehard if you plan ahead, and so our journey began.

What was the date of your guild’s formation?

I guess it depends on what you define as the “Guild”, the name, or the people. The name Bastion of Darkness (previously Brotherhood of Darkness before changing during server transfers) originated in October of 2011. The people, well the handful that have been playing together have been together since the “Vanilla” days.

And that is really the point of this series; to have a guild define itself rather than be defined by an outsider writing about them.

Bastion of Darkness vs. Foreman Crusher

How did you pick the name?

Originally because we were straying from our normal “Good Guy” mold and going to the Empire and we really did enjoy playing together, Brotherhood and Darkness just went together like a Jedi and a Light Sabre. Once the server transfers started we were able to keep our name with one change, we needed to add “The” to the beginning. Well a few days in I bumped into some players asking when I joined their guild because they didn’t see me on their roster, well it was the other Brotherhood and that led to us deciding on a change.

I’m kind of an over thinker when it comes to names so Kameron and myself kicked around some ideas and then realized that this would take much more than we thought with domains in place and what not. Since our domain was BofDarkness we decided to see what we could come up with for the “B”, broke out dictionaries and liked Bastion because the definition really set well with us…(anything seen as preserving or protecting some quality, condition, etc.) hence Bastion of Darkness.

How many members are you strong? How many are active?

11 and yes that seems small, but we’re all active and we’re achieving more than I ever thought we could. We really have a great group.

What, in your opinion, makes Bastion of Darkness stand out from the crowd?

Well, it’s been said before, but we really do work together and go out of our way to include all of our members regardless of level and availability. The other side of the coin is the time involved. We all have lives, jobs, kids, and all those great real life things that nobody can control going on, so how do you play a game that is really built on the amount of time you have? Well, we go with the old saying “Work smarter, not harder” we just seem to make it work, we manage to schedule accordingly to involve everyone and we make the most of our time with scheduled events so everyone can plan ahead. The one thing we always tell our members is that nobody will ever lose their spot because real life intervened.

Bastion of Darkness vs. Trapjaw


What hours of the day is the guild most active?

Usually nights and weekends.

Silly question but if you were to choose a theme song for your guild, what would it be?

I have no idea, lol. I guess if you twisted my arm I would say Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters.

Tell us about your guild’s artwork and web design.

Well the web design kind of evolved, we kind of built one from scratch, Kameron does web design so it helped quite a bit, but once we looked at what we wanted and the functionality we were looking for we chose the layout you see today, Kam’s also a graphic artist and was the one who created our header which I really like a lot. I’ve been doing the videos and learning along the way, but it’s been fun capturing our progression and then editing it down to an entertaining snip-it of our guild.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a new guild starting up?

Stay committed to your idea. In other words, we decided to cater to players with limited time, we also knew that would mean that growth would be slower and progression could take time, but in the end if you stay true to what your intention is and relay that to prospective members, everyone knows exactly what their signing up for. Regardless of the type of guild you run, having defined rules, goals and structure are key.

Bastion of Darkness approaching Eternity Vault


What, in your opinion, are the most common reasons for a guild to break up and do you have plans to avoid that?

I think the most common reason is expectations. If you promise members that you run ops 24-7 and do this that and the other and then you’re really in the building stages, well you’re going to disappoint members and really not give your guild a fighting chance. We plan on avoiding it by being realistic and relaying our goals and intentions with all of our members on a regular basis so everyone is on the same page.

What was the toughest hurdle for you and your guild to get over in the time you’ve spent together?

Building that 1st group of 8 solid player to start running Operations. It took time and some trial and error, but persistence pays off.

Are you looking for more members?

We’re always looking for members, we really aren’t interested in your MMO experience, and we really are more interested in the right people, someone who has some personality and a good sense of humor. We do expect a small amount of commitment and common sense, but nothing earthshattering. We can help members with gear and learning to play a class, I can’t change your personality.

What is the level breakdown now in your guild?

We actually have a good mix of levels, our members are really into the game, we have alts galore and everyone does a great job of buddying up to level, run flashpoints, you name it. We have around 40 characters in our guild and I would say 25% of those are at level 50. Our members really do get into the story lines and are having fun with all the classes. That also gives us a nice balance of information sharing too.

Bastion of Darkness vs. Battledroid R4-GL


How is trade skilling and in guild trades handled?

Everyone kind of offers up their own wares, we recommend that everyone treat each other with some respect and fairness. I see more members making items for each other without compensation than I do otherwise. If I have the mats and you need it, I’ll make it for you.

When looking at prospective applicants and their applications, what is your pet peeve? Or what would you advise NOT to do?

We kind of did away with the typical application and went with a simple “Tell us about yourself” format. As for pet peeves, chest thumping, we really aren’t interested in how great your gear is or how “Badass” you are.

Do you have a naming policy and if so what is it?

Nothing set in stone, but again, common sense, we probably will shy away from someone with an offensive or derogatory name.

Do you do Operations? Where are you on that?

We do run Operations twice a week currently. Our main group is currently getting ready to start Denova on Story mode since completing EV and KP on Hard Mode. The other run is for mains and alts and that group is getting ready to start EV Hard Mode in the next week or so.

Bastion of Darkness preparing to cut down Karagga


Have you decided on a loot division system? And if so can you elaborate on why or why not?

Kam and I spent some time on this, main spec was easy. Need before greed for your main spec. Where we had issues was with off spec due to members wanting to gear companions. So many companions, with different stats it was difficult to keep them straight as to who really needed what. So we decided to keep Main spec as a need roll and we implemented a form of Suicide Kings for all other gear. Basically, we all got together one night and rolled, highest roller got the 1st spot on the list and so on. How it works then is that if a piece drops and goes to secondary roll we hit the list. 1st person can choose whether they want it or not, if they do, they take it and get moved to the bottom of the list, if they pass, they retain their spot and we go to the next person. This way, it’s entirely up to you if you want to risk the spot for a piece or not and we’re not spending more time on loot than bosses. Rare drops and crafting mats we ask that if you have one, you pass and give everyone else a shot. If absolutely no one wants it, it goes to the Guild. So far it’s worked out very well.

What, if anything, do you consider griefing?

Luckily we really haven’t had any, I would consider complaining you aren’t winning rolls would be griefing. My view is this, we’re going to keep running until everyone gets what they need, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t get whatever right away, you will get what you need in time.

Do you PvP together in the guild?

We do, it’s more of a spontaneous thing though. We have fun with it and it breaks things up a bit. We do have members that PvP more than others and they usually get together and wreak havoc.

Guild amenities. What does your guild have to offer its members? Forum, Chat etc. How about a Vent or TS server?

We do have a great guild site with forums and an event calendar. We also have a Team Speak server. Beyond that we offer guild repairs on Operation nights and we also provide Hyper Stims (2 hours and persist through death) for all classes during Ops runs.

What new guild features would you like to see?

I would love to see an in game calendar.

Highlite obtaining the +10 Datacron.


Tell us about You. What draws you to SWTOR?

I’m going to date myself here, but I’ve been a gamer since Pong and I will never forget seeing Star Wars for the 1st time in the theatre. Been a fan of both ever since. That being said, I’ve always liked MMO’s so when the two presented themselves it was an easy choice.

What class is your main?

My main character is a healing Inquisitor (Sorcerer) been a healer through many MMO’s and I have to say I really enjoy the SWTOR version very much.

What made you decide to run a guild?

Spending time in hard core guilds and feeling like just a number forced a few of us to make a choice, stay and not complain or leave, do it our way, and be happier. Life changed and gaming changed along with it for many of us, so we needed to leave the rut and build something for ourselves and others in the same situation.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I guess my closing thought would be this, have fun with the game, if you take it too seriously it becomes a job and a grind. Look for people to do things with if you’re not interested in joining a guild, you’ll be amazed the friendships you may form and how much fun playing with others can be. And if you’re looking for a guild and getting discouraged, keep looking, the right one is out there.

Bastion of Darkness – Join the Fight!

Thank you Highlite for sharing Bastion of Darkness with us here at TORWars.

If you want to learn more about the Bastion of Darkness you can find them on their guild website at



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