Galaxy of Guilds – Paradigm Continuum

If your guild has been discussing making the switch from a single MMO to multiple games maybe today’s guild has some experience you can build on. Their approach to being a multi-gaming guild is to run individual guilds (with individual names and identities) under the umbrella guild of Paradigm Continuum.

Galaxy of Guilds - Paradigm Continuum

Quick stats:

Guild type: RP, PVE, PVP.

Server: Canderous Ordo US-East PVE.


Both, Legends of the Republic and Imperium.

Founded date: Jan 20th, 2012.

Guild leader(s) forum name:

Guild Leader: Blackwolf and Division Leader: War.

No. of Members:

157 members total so far, in the Republic and Empire Branches.


Paradigm Continuum header

What prompted the formation of your guild?

I started off in an old guild three years ago as a recruit and worked my way up in the ranks and became one of the top members next to War, which is now my second in command. By the time the DC Universe Online MMO came out, with some core members, War and I started up our old guild there and built a team of like-minded-friends. This new formula that War and I tried out there made that Chapter of the guild a very big success story. During beta of Star Wars: The Old Republic we set up branches for the Republic and Empire side with our new formula, quality over quantity, bringing in like-minded people with a probation period, spreading out the responsibilities of the guild to its members, and the most important rule was to have fun playing the game. You can imagine that the overlord of the old guild was angry we did not keep his formula and this is where the final split from the old guild came from. Their formula was recruit, recruit, recruit and then recruit some more and only have one person with all the permissions. It was all about the number of people in the guild which produced a high turn-over in membership. The split was hard for many of us because we were close to some of the people in the old guild, but it was what needed to be done. I guess you can say we rose out of the flames of destruction like a new-born Phoenix.

How did you pick the name?

We are still strong in SWTOR, DCUO, Champions Online, and a few people in F2P MMOs under our umbrella guild, the Paradigm Continuum. The branches have new individual names with the original people we recruited and still have their original leadership structure set in place. The membership of the our new guild came together and decided on this new model for our branches when we split from the old guild. Our membership reasoned out that there was more flexibility in naming a branch, setting up the structure of that branch as it pertains to the game they are playing, and managing that branch. Then with this new model for our guild, we began to set out and create websites that matched this model. It is still a work in progress, and I think it always will be since there will be new and better ideas down the road. This also works well too because it involves all of our membership keeping the websites up to date and unique to each branch’s game while still linked under our umbrella guild, the Paradigm Continuum.

Paradigm Continuum Bounties

How many members are you strong? How many are active?

SWTOR Republic; 120 members, 40 active. Empire; 140 member, 40 active. DCUO; 45 members, 22 active. Champions Online 90 members -40 active.

What, in your opinion, makes the Paradigm Continuum stand out from the crowd?

Our branch names vary, but we’re part of the same guild. Each time a new branch is formed, that branch is allowed to choose their own branch name under the umbrella of Paradigm Continuum.

As such, each branch maintains it’s own identity and balance while at the same time being a part of the larger family that is our guild.

We do everything. Some guilds focus on PVP, Raiding, Leveling, Social Activities, etc. We’re involved in all of those things.

What hours of the day is the guild most active?

3PM – 1AM EST daily.

Silly question but if you were to choose a theme song for your guild, what would it be?

We do have a theme song it was in our recruitment video. This is something that really stuck with us. and took me a long time to make this video slicing it up coming up with the right logo and sound to go with it. at the end I combined 2 songs in one.

The Paradigm Recruitment Video

Tell us about your guild’s artwork and web design!

A lot of the art comes from me and KyuubiD. We like to make things to help with the guilds and just have fun with images from in game to our own creations. We mostly get inspiration from a lot of the great art around the net and from me and him talking about it back and forth. For instance me and him came up with the professional avatars for our website with later on the legacy portraits for our members. We also have a lot of recruitment adds thumbnails and more not just for SWTOR but for all the games we are in.

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a new guild starting up?

Recruit the people with whom you enjoy playing. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your structure as the guild grows and evolves. Keep it simple and begin with a basic stucture and be prepared to grow and change.

What, in your opinion, are the most common reasons for a guild to break up and do you have plans to avoid that?

Neglecting the needs of the average member and lack of open communication regarding wants, needs and issues. We encourage all our members to reach out to each other and express themselves. Also, the leadership is available at any given time and responsive to member needs and concerns.

What was the toughest hurdle for you and your guild to get over in the time you’ve spent together?

In general we’ve taken our hurdles in stride. However, there was a lot of work involved in the initial naming process as well as restructuring which was quite a hurdle.

Paradigm Continuum vs. Foreman Crusher

Are you looking for more members?

We are always looking for more people to join us. We ask for new members to have a high level of maturity (high level of conflict resolution), people that get along well with others, we spread the gambit with the type of players we have from very casual all the way to hard core. But the most important trait a new member needs to have is to know how to have fun.

What is the level breakdown now in your guild?

This is a tricky question, only because our players are all so different yet alike. Most of us have level 50 characters, that is where the similarities stop. Some of us are Alt-aholics and play a different toon daily, some only play the original lvl50 and grind away doing dailies and PVP events, some have multiple 50’s and grind away with each one doing dailies and PVP events. Then we have a few that have 50s and work on skill trades for the branch. It is kind of cool that everyone has found a niche in the end-game and yet when it comes time to raid they all come together and do their jobs beautifully.

How is trade skilling and in guild trades handled?

Very well actually, the guild-mates talk, gather mats, and build for who ever needs something with-in the limits that they can build what is needed. We are very communal in all aspects of the game and in this area there is no difference. We also like to make fun out of it as well since the new guild bank is active we have members make some great things then sell them in a monthly auction. For example one of our members were able to reverse engineer one of the daily coms campaign relics and made some for the bank. When the auction came up they sold for 300k which got us a new vault for the bank.

When looking at prospective applicants and their applications, what is your pet peeve? Or what would you advise NOT to do?

Don’t be a smart ass (take it seriously). Don’t bash your former league/guild. Don’t give one word answers. Don’t lie on your app. Interact with guild/league members prior to applying (don’t apply blind).


The Code by Paradigm Continuum – set to the beautiful ME3 piece by Clint Mansell “Leaving Earth”


Do you have a naming policy and if so what is it?

No official policy. Unwritten policy that names should not offend people. We also would like them to be creative. When naming my toons I have a written story about all of them and why I named what I named them. this also makes it better for the legacy system they built in the game.

Do you do Operations? Where are you on that?

Of Course! We are currently working on 16-man Eternity Vault and 8-man Explosive Conflict.

We have completed all normal mode and 8-man Hard Mode Karagga’s Palace and 8-man Hard Mode Eternity Vault.

Have you decided on a loot division system?

Our loot system is still a work in progress. On most raids we run with masterloot under the raid officer. We’re currently creating a system for bidding or buying valuable items from the guild bank. called the Force Point System. FPS for short. You get points for doing things for and with the guild. It’s still in its early stages but looks promising.

Paradigm Continuum - Choose your path

Do you PVP together in the guild?

Yes, we even have a PVP section on our website and PVP Officers assigned to help facilitate those matches.

Guild amenities. What does your guild have to offer its members? Forum, Chat etc. How about a Vent or TS server?

We have everything that most MMO players expect these days from a guild. We have a fully fleshed out website with forums full of information for players, Operations section to sign up for a raid, a full calendar to schedule and sign-up those raids and many other events that we have going on, a PVP Section just for the PVP’ers in you with events, Kill on Sight Posters, etc. We have Ventrilo, in-game guild bank, we make avatars for everyone that wants them, and we even started our own wiki page and database.

What new guild features would you like to see?

Guild vs. Guild capitol ship battles. Gain unique items, achievements and/or titles for completing objectives while battling in the space around and/or aboard an enemy capitol ship as well as defending your own.

Paradigm Continuum - Candrell

What made you decide to run a guild?

Well it was kinda all of wierd. Like I said before I started as a recruit a couple years ago from Champions Online and worked my way up the ranks. when a lot of people left the pc to console there was a void and I was chosen with others to lead the way and it all started in DCUO. I never wanted to be leader but things turned out that way , and I’m happy for that since we all have the same vision of the guild. I think of myself also as part of the high council which is made from a lot of senior members in the guild.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Earlier this year, we had an event called the Galactic Race. It was a variation of scavenger hunt where the republic and empire were racing to achieve objectives while roleplaying with officers as NPC’s. The final goal was to find the guild leader. When the winning empire team finally found him relaxing and drinking in the cantina, they killed his guardian and enjoyed some Twi’lek dancers in the club without him.

Paradigm Continuum - Galactic Race finish.

Thank you Blackwolf and War for showing us around the Paradigm Continuum! I wish you guys many more games to share in the future!

If you want to learn more about Paradigm Continuum you can find them at their guild site or you can see their many videos on their YouTube channel.



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  1. Blackwolf says:

    We here at the Paradigm Continuum would like to thank everyone at torwars for this invterview it really shows how much you love the family whick is swtor. we are always recruiting so keep us in mind if your doing a server transfer. again thank you tprwars and Kristen for the great invterview

  2. War says:

    Thank you Kristen and TORWARS for a chance to represent our Guild here on your great site! Just like Blackwolf said, we are always recruiting people to join our group of friends. Please visit our web site to check us out and send us a private message if you are interested in joining our guild on the Canderous Ordo server.


  3. Omega says:

    Awesome just awesome thats somes up this :)

  4. Devagar says:

    Great interview! I happened to come across the guild by sheer chance, and have enjoyed my time here. Two thumbs up!

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