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Holovid Heroes is proud to present a guild recruitment video that can get any Trooper-crazy guy or girl out there to sit up straight! Major Alrek Torik, Company Commander of ALPHA COMPANY, the 203rd Republic Expeditionary Legion on the Jung Ma RP/PVP server made this video for us with, as you will see, the enthusiastic help of his guild brethren. This one went directly to my favourite list of recruitment videos! Please watch.

I just remembered I left a roast in the oven! Brb!

What did you make the video for?

We created this video as a recruiting tool for our guild.  We led one of the most well known and reputable Stormtrooper only guilds in Star Wars Galaxies, and we wanted to get the word out that we were back for SWTOR.

Have you made music or guild videos in the past?

Yes, we have several Alpha Company videos on our channel from Star Wars Galaxies.  Here is one of our more popular videos:

Sandbox Soldiers – Alpha Company 203rd – LARGEST SWG STORMTROOPER GUILD RECRUITING

Which tools did you use?

We used Fraps to capture footage in game at 1080p. We used Adobe Premier Elements 10 for editing and effects. It’s a great entry level program, but I’m thinking of upgrading to Adobe Premier Pro for our next video. Disclaimer for people doing this at home: if you plan on capturing or editing video in 1080p, you’ll need a good system with a 1080p monitor and lots of video RAM and System RAM. No templates were used, it was all done from the ground up.

Where is the footage from?

We wanted to show how we are following the legacy of the Stormtrooper by going from the Galactic Civil War in Star Wars, to several thousand years prior in SWTOR. We achieved this by opening with Alpha Company footage from SWG, and then transitioning into SWTOR.

Let’s have a look at this inspiring Trooper video:

Alpha Company Trooper Guild Recruiting Video SWTOR

Music: Title/artist? Why did you pick this particular music?

“We Are One” by 12 Stones was actually selected by Alpha Company’s Executive Officer, Captain Qorbin Oca, nearly a year before the game went live. We figured that the lyrics fit perfectly with our guild concept, and the driving rhythm of the song, coupled with the obvious build-up of energy, would be perfect for an Alpha Company trailer. We’re really happy with the results.

Were there any problems in the making of this video? What was the hardest part?

It was tough trying to keep the game user interface out of the video so it looks more cinematic. We tried to avoid excess fly text numbers, unwanted cursors, and character selection boxes getting in the scene. We also had trouble with the”walk” function.  Any latency in your ping creates a “shaking” effect on players, making it difficult to get smooth footage of our troops walking forward. When filming a group of troopers walking, we would find various players would shake left and right as they advanced, creating a very distracting bug.

Any parts in particular you would like to draw attention to?

I’d say the guild favourite is the last 15 seconds of action leading into the “FIGHT AS ONE” slogan. The elevator scene extra is a close second.

Any advice you would give to guilds making their first video?

Take your time.  Get quality footage.  Use voice chat like Ventrilo or Mumble to communicate with your “actors” and stage scenes.   Use backdrops – SWTOR has many beautiful landscapes.  Try to use your character as a camera, by zooming in totally into first person view, and remove your “heads up display”.

When editing, listen to music and picture where each scene can go. We shoot footage for entire evenings and then I take it and watch it, throwing away bad stuff, keeping the good.  A little bit of humor is always good too; a fist bump, some Imperial Elevator music….

Do you plan on making more videos?

You will definitely see more content coming from Alpha Company in the near future. We have some very cool ideas and we can’t wait to share our next video with you guys.

You heard it here folks! More videos coming from Alpha Company!

Hope you enjoyed our video –  anyone interested in being part of Alpha Company please visit AlphaCompanyOnline.org.

Thank you Alrek and Alpha Company for sharing this phenomenal video with us and I will hold you to that promise of showing us more in the future!


If you have an awesome guild video you would like to share with us, send me an email to kristen @ torwars DOT com, mark it ‘Holovid Heroes – YOUR GUILD‘, tell me why you think it should be shown here on TORWars and don’t forget to give me a link to your video!

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6 Responses to “Holovid Heroes – Alpha Company”

  1. Jagzeh says:

    That was pretty cool :) I smiled a few times watching that vid.. Some nice directing there!

  2. Anon says:

    I liked that vid, makes me wanna join up. Not on that server though =(

  3. Alot of our members have transferred from other servers. Worth the move. Great guild, great server. High population.

  4. Thank you to Kristen from Torwars for featuring our video!

  5. Road says:

    Hey, I know these guys! Pretty decent RPers, and great fun to have them… act as my targets in Warzones!

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