We Need You For The SWTOR Extra-Life Marathon!


Hello Fellow TORWarriors!

I have decided, albeit a little later than I normally would have done for this effort, to setup and run an official TORWars sponsored event to support an amazing cause.

First and foremost, this is meant to be Fun and Enjoyable for all participants, and we are doing it for a very special cause, our children!

The event is called the Extra-Life Marathon. An organization dedicated to bettering the life of terminally ill children in hospitals around the world through their collaboration with the Children’s Miracle Network. The idea is simple, you get ingame for 24 hours straight (or a block of 24 hours in 48 if you cannot manage the entire time straight through due to other obligations) and take part in a bunch of different activities with your guildies and friends (details to follow below).

I have already setup a TORWars team on the site called TORWars Lifers. If you want to fully participate as a fund raising participant as well, which is not required to join in the fun for this hosted event, please visit the team page and sign yourself up as a team member. I have chosen to go all in as a Platinum member, which requires a $15 fee and nets you an event t-shirt and potential medals that the fee covers shipping costs. However, you can sign up and get pledges absolutely free. The team site is:

Simply go the link above and click the ‘Join this Team’ button. The rest is self-explanatory. Any level of donation is appreciated. I have set my personal and team goals, but Anything we can get is awesome for the kids!

Now on to the good stuff!

How this Works:

Starting at 8 AM (EST) on Nov. 2, 2013, you log into the game… and play your hearts out! I have several events planned out across the entire day of marathon gaming, some are time scheduled and others will be ad hoc based on inclusion, interest, etc. We will setup special Mumble channels for the main event as a whole, and some sub-channels for the specific mini-events going on throughout the marathon.

In addition to looking for volunteers to help run some of the events, I am very open to enhancing, or adding/replacing events that are suggested and will be help run. That being said, here are all of the events I have currently planned to run (times indicated if scheduled) throughout the marathon. All of this is subject to change depending on active involvement and volunteering.

Planned Events

While these events are hosted by the TORWars guild, you do not have to be a member. However, being on the Shadowlands server makes participation in the events with us easier. You can participate on your own server but be with the team in Mumble. For further clarification you can contact me with any questions. My email can be found in his post below.

Companion Beatdown (Nekked Companion Brawling) (Bracket-based, every 8/12 hrs)

Bring your favorite companion, strip them down to their skivvies and pit them against an opponent! Who doesn’t want to see Blizz taking down Doc?!?!

This will be a sign-up event, so I can create brackets, and will run either 2-3 times during the marathon, based on participation. Culminating in a final Beatdown Championship Brawl near the end of the marathon. This will take place at the lower promenade Slippery Slopes Cantina on Nar Shaddaa. If signing up prior to the start of the marathon, please reply to this thread, PM me, or email me directly (email at bottom). Otherwise, you will be able to sign-up your companion to fight when the marathon starts.
Flashpoint Speeders (New Rides for those in Need) (Not time specific)

I know there are a ton of guildies who haven’t finished all of their flashpoint speeder quests. And even if you have, you can go get them on an Alt with this event. The goal is simple. Create teams of those participating and run every flashpoint needed to acquire each of the speeders needed/desired. This will also be a great opportunity to try out different classes/characters that may have been sitting around gathering dust on the fleet!

Meatbags R’ Us (HK-51 Quest Line Run) (Not time specific)

How many of you haven’t gotten HK-51 yet? Just from some conversations I have had recently, there are plenty who have come back to the game since HK-51 was released, but haven’t gone and unlocked this loud-mouthed assassin. So, I propose to run, for either side, the entire quest line to achieve unlocking this companion for those who need him. This will also tie in nicely with running the flashpoints for speeders.

The Dread Walking (Entire Dread Masters Raids in order – Story mode) (10 AM EST until done)

Now that the gatekeeper has been adjusted properly in Dread Fortress, I am looking to run the entire line of Dread Masters raids, in order and in Story Mode, from start to finish. Depending on participation this will be done on both Imperial and Republic. This will be a great opportunity to get a ton of achievements and gear from these runs as well. Especially if those who normally do not get to run regular raids can attend. (8/16 man will be determined during marathon) Additional runs may happen depending on success of initial. Faction running it will be chosen depending on participation.

PvP Throwdown (We are going to Stick you) (6 PM EST)

This will take place in either the Gree are if the event is not taking place, or Smuggler’s Den if it is going on. There will be 2 styles of games, depending on participation. It will optimally be played faction against faction, but will be team-based if the numbers are not right. Game style 1 will be two teams, starting on opposite sides, attempting to get to a specific point on the map to plant a flag before the other team can. Game style 2 will be an escort to safety. Team one has a member with no weapons who has to be escorted to a safe spot before team two can take them out. (This might be challenging and require the prohibiting of grapple-like effects on the protected party member to make it fair. Will have to see how this plays out during the matches) This will be a best out of 3 match run.

Nekked Guildie Run (Culmination Event of the Marathon) (Within last hour of Marathon)

This one is simple and fun… There will be a starting point A that all guildies gather at, strip off all equipped items, except weapons, and have to run as a giant group to point B… which will most likely be a location that ends in the death of all runners! Rezzes and PvP skirmishing encouraged to enhance the chaotic fun sure to be had here!


I have a few ideas for mini-event gatherings, again, dependent on participation and desire. Some of them would be:

  • ● Taun Taun Mount Group Farming
  • ● Achievement Farming
  • ● +10 Datacron Acquisition
  • ● All World Datacron Farming
  • ● Makeb/Oricon Story Completion
  • ● World Boss Hunt

Well folks, there you go. This is my idea and plan for running the Extra-Life Marathon event in-game!

Anyone wanting to help run/organize any of these events, or any new ideas, please contact me via email at sgillis [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank You All for your consideration and I Really hope to see many of you participating in this Amazing effort!!

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2 Responses to “We Need You For The SWTOR Extra-Life Marathon!”

  1. MGoBlue says:

    I’d love to participate but I have plans that weekend. Do you know of any other similar events that occur with SWTOR at any other times of the year?

  2. Bob Thresher says:

    We loved the idea so much, we made a team for Begeren Colony with the “Eternal Guardians” We’ll be doing many of the same events and couple others. Join us @ 8am saturday as we kick off with a group photo in front of the Senate building on Coruscant. (Deirdre & Jeff, you guys are the best!)

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