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Ladies & Gents, Wookiees & Wampas, let’s get to know the borderline intelligent (and yet strangely attractive) TORWars Staff. Without further ado – here is the geeky crew that currently writes for TORWars!

Current Staff:

TORWars is owned by Deirdre Hollis, who does double duty as the Editor-in-Chief of the site.  Of course, she couldn’t possibly do it (or really much of anything) alone.  She is assisted by some truly talented people, namely Alice Wilkes, Jean Prior, and Jeff Hollis.  Truth is, Jean and Alice (who’s also the editor of Gamersaurs.com) do all the heavy lifting, in that they both contribute regular columns, and also keep the other writers up to speed.  However, both Jean and Alice are gracious enough to allow DD to feel like she’s in charge.

This is how the TORWars staff thinks they look….

When it comes to the TORWars podcast, the executive editor and overall man in charge is Jeff Hollis.  Jeff not only co-hosts the show with Deirdre, he’s the guy that does all the editing, arranges for guests, writes the script, and is responsible for the high production values of the ‘cast.  Without him, the TORWars podcast would be but a wee little old shriveled old show.

Hall of Fame:

Of course, it goes without saying that TORWars would never have become the largest SWTOR fansite, and also the defacto “go-to” site for breaking news, general information, and intelligent insight about SWTOR, without the help of our some our past staffers.  These folks put in countless hours of effort to make SWTOR what it is.  Acea Engen, our senior writer, was the mainstay of our writing team, along with the one and only Marshall Carr, for years.  Our staff of talented writers — Jenn Davis, James Vacca, Hawk Silverthorne, Drew “Geldarion” Brandon, Rob Henriquez, Jae Onasi, Doug Bonderud, Anthony Sproson, Ted Atchley, Rob Enriquez, Susan Moses, Laurie Moran, Mark Douville, Tim MacDonald, Frank Lancaster, and Sunny Ravencourt — all contributed significantly to the success that TORWars has achieved.  Though the Empire search far and wide, they’d never be able to find a more talented group of writers than these.

….but sadly, this is a far more accurate picture.

Of all of our esteemed alumni, the person who contributed the most was our utterly unique Editor for Guilds and Community.  Kristen Archer was (and still is) one of a kind.  She not only wrote multiple full-length columns each week, she simultaneously edited, approved, and published the contributions of a full stable of writers.  Beyond this, her boundless energy and enthusiasm was contagious, and she came up with an endless stream of good ideas to involve the SWTOR community, entertain our readers, and make SWTOR grow.  More than anyone else, it can truly be said that TORWars would never have achieved its level of success without her tireless contributions.  If you’d like to check out Kristen’s latest project (and we think you should!), you can visit her over at Project Serenity:)

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