Question of the Day: What New Mini-Pets Would You Like to See in SWTOR??

With the recent 1.2 update, players of SWTOR got access to a handful of new mini-pets.  When the Rakghoul plague event went live, players got a few more.  Now mind you, these haven’t been a whole slew of wildly different mini-pets, but really more just variants of Orokeets, young Taun Tauns, and undersized Rakghouls. Still, most players seem to be responding to them very positively.

"And I shall name you, Darth Adorable"

This, of course, leads to our question of the day: what other kinds of mini-pets do you want to see in the future? More mini droids, like those from the Collector’s Edition of the game? More birds and other baby Star Wars animals? How about more pets that are themed according to world events?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments below: we want to hear your thoughts, hopes, and opinions about the future of mini-pets in SWTOR?

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28 Responses to “Question of the Day: What New Mini-Pets Would You Like to See in SWTOR??”

  1. Kaerick says:

    I would like to see the L2-P2 mini droid that they tested the mass in-game mail system with in beta. It had some pretty cool idle animations and looked like the three legged guardian droids you see roaming so many quest hubs, only byte size.

  2. Ben says:

    I’m not real big into pets, but there is one that I would find funny. Not sure what the species is called, but having my own Salacious Crumb (rat guy from Jabba’s palace) would be pretty amusing.

    Some others would be maybe Mynock, Nerf, and various other droids.

    • That’d be quite cool, be nice to have the pets interact with the actual player; such as climbing, gnawing and so on.

      If you give pets a personality they’ll take on a life of their own and will become real beacons of attraction to players. Currently all pets in games that i’ve seen so far are mostly just ‘look at me’ type things, rather than something personal.

      • Ben says:

        Here, here! I would care a lot more about pets if they actually did something. The tauntauns would be a much cooler thing to have if all that happened was your character would wince at the bad smell whenever you took it around with you. Wouldn’t you love it if you had a little rat-monkey thing that did tricks… maybe wore a fez?

  3. vindicator says:

    Mini wampas maybe

  4. B'ahb says:

    A baby wampa would be epic. They need to also make it interact with the baby tauntaun like other games have pets do. The baby wampa would walk up to the baby tauntaun and side smack it in the head and knock it over (kind of like in SW:ESB). EPIC!

  5. darkbuddha says:

    baby rancors

  6. BabblingSage says:

    Id like to see some pets with functions like a pet that will go gathering of the nodes your near, or a pet that will go round looting the corpses.
    Also might be nice to have some life size pets like certain droids

  7. The_Dark_Lord says:

    …What? I’m a Sith, I can dang well have a sentient species as a minipet if I want to! 😛

  8. MadKiwi says:

    All the pieces from the chess board in A New Hope! There were only 8 or 9 😀

  9. Gibz679 says:

    Pet Ewok would be cool =)

  10. Dawk says:

    Well Tessellated Arboreal binjinphant, obviously.

  11. Ytt says:

    A Jar Jar Binks character that you can smash with a mallet at will.

  12. twi says:

    Teeny tiny bantha!

  13. Death Metal Nightmare says:

    fix game mechanics and the more pressing issues instead of adding trailing graphic objects that do nothing.

  14. Timotheus says:

    C’mon Death Metal “fun sucking” Nightmare. Yea, bugs are annoying and they are in there (what MMO doesn’t have bugs!) but that wasn’t the question.

    A little Jawa pet would be cool as long as when you clicked on him, he made little noises.

  15. Rizzo says:

    Hi, I’m with Darth Metal on this one, get the other things sorted first. I really REALLY dont understand the point of having something like a pet that does not do anything, total waste of pixel space in my opinion.

  16. Jonas says:

    Give me a Rancor :O

  17. Tipifire says:

    I think a mini flesh raider with light saber toy that he swings around and goes in stances. also he would seem to chew on things including who your fighting, ship, and group members (no harm done, just the animation)

    a mini thranta would be cool

    what about a small droid that can sing (they do the vowels as it is) or you can have play a musical instrument… I know some people would like setting up musicals at set places…

  18. levasss says:

    Salacious Crumb (rat guy from Jabba’s palace)
    rancor, wampa, Strill, a baby toydarian

    but I would like to have some pet you can mount: wampa, dewback, varacty and more! at least if we could mount’em it would be usefull even if it’s a bit slower than a speeder, depending of the species. A flying mount would be great too

  19. Ogre says:


  20. ronin47 says:


  21. Drength says:

    I think having them interact with the environment would be nice…give them more character

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