SWTOR Community Cantina Chicago: Thumb Drive Details [Updated]

[Update: Replaced old images with HiRes ones.]

As you know, TORWars is representin’ at the Chicago Community Cantina. So far our gal on the ground, Jean, has posted some thumb drive items of interest. It looks like there’s a really cool-looking cyborg rancor, a rainbow of fruity-flavored varactyl’s and pics of some new places of interest. Later on I’ll post the varactyl trailer that was also on the thumb drive. There’s some cool stuff that awaits us, as I get more info, I’ll update so keep watching.

Here’s some of the assets that can be found on the drive:


It looks like maybe we’re getting a new Operation or Flashpoint with all the palace concepts, bad guys and it appears, a new boss. Thoughts TORWarriors?

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29 Responses to “SWTOR Community Cantina Chicago: Thumb Drive Details [Updated]”

  1. Dontcare says:

    already posted the new SWTOR mount trailer. If you ever thought of going to these cantina events you should probably pass.


    • Too bad you didn’t like it. Both of the Cantina’s I’ve attended were really fun and great social gatherings. I suppose it’s all perspective.

      • dontcare says:

        Wasn’t the actual activity. Someone had the idea to have this thing at a bowling alley and they tried to stuff around 100 people in a room meant for about 30. Then when they started the first thing they said is “if you think your question will be answered as: we will think about it, we thought about it, it may be implemented in the future then don’t even ask it.”

        I do appreciate the event, but i was expecting more of like the first guild summit. At least everyone there had a place to sit :)

    • Sandird says:


      I’ve attend to London community cantina this year and it was amazing!, I had only a positive things to say about this event…

  2. Vistaer says:

    Rancor mount? 😛

    Wish they had one of these at PAX East this year, since it was the first year SWTOR went missing. Here’s hoping for one at PAX East 2014 :)

  3. samoth says:

    higher resolution pics please?

  4. Machine-Elf says:

    Dontcare: Really? I actually really enjoyed myself in the San Diego one.

    Droid picture: new playable species?! Or better yet, CLASS??

  5. Wildhunk says:

    Those Varactyl mounts are way to small, like babys.
    Here is a pic of an actusl size one http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/d/de/BogaROTS-SWE.png

    • barf master jedi poop diapers says:

      its too bad 90% of the screen cant be taken up with the “Actual size” to scale . . . maybe Obi-wan’s is a “Warhorse” version that is huge. overly technical and fickle.

  6. barf master jedi poop diapers says:

    the planet 1 pic looks pretty menacing. Lovecraftian. into it. the different color Varactyl’s look great. MORE COLOR = good. the droid and Ranborg… eh…. looks like a hilarious 80s cartoon mocking post-species cyborg augmentation. like TMNT f’d SW.

  7. Marmiteman says:

    I’d wager those new pics are Oricon, which is the new zone/FP/Ops?

    The droids, possibly trash mobs from said planet? And the Rancborg? Who knows.. Possibly a boss from the above?

    Regardless, you can see that BW have used the new palette editor in those new pics, to give the zone an eerie look – really loving how much more immersive all the environs are now!


  8. Val-lin says:


    new planet dathomir or oricon

    rancor = new operation boss
    droids = new op trash mobs becuz (cuz the match the cyber rancor)
    varcytal mount = multiple ways to obtain it/or just 4 dif cc packs

    thanks for uploading picks so fast torwars! this stuff looks great!

  9. Nomar says:

    My guess the planet is Oricon. Looks very eerie. ME LIKE. I hope this planet isn’t just an instance for the operations. I hope we can explore around it, even if it’s only the size of Ilum

  10. xorcist says:

    How much real money will this cost on top of a subscription? Double or triple?

    • Count Sacula says:

      AS much as they think they can suck out of you. They seem to have no problem strangling the crap out of their golden geese.(subscribers)

  11. Belanos says:

    When I saw “Dreadlock” I immediately pictured a gigantic Dread Master head with dreads! Scenery looks nice too.

    I like the idea of riding a Varactyl, but thinking about lower robe clipping on a tauntaun and seeing how low you sit on a Varactyl makes me think that’ll look incredibly bad. Need to find some pants.

  12. Paikea says:

    More tentacles!

  13. Sandird says:

    This looks incredible, Bioware really works hard, I’m so looking forward to all this.

    Thank you for upload in it!…

  14. Midgen says:

    This post coming from someone with the username “Dontcare” is rather telling.

    I guess social gatherings related to video games aren’t for everyone.

    I rather enjoyed the two I’ve attended.

  15. CosmicDebris says:

    The Cantina events are lots of fun, I really wanted to go to a second one but work didn’t allow it. It is a social gathering for fans to come together more than anything, and you get to talk to some devs face to face. Some people just really aren’t into that kind of thing I guess.

  16. Caligari says:

    Love the palace and planet pics…very Lovecraftian ideed! Iä! Iä!

  17. Sol says:

    It sort of is. His was supposed to be the best of the best if I remember right. One of the fastest if not the fastest.

  18. Zaitana says:

    i hope oricrin is another expansion… and 5 more lvls plz 😀 with the tentacles in that pic i wonder if we are getting a gree world. much of the story surrounding them seems to hint at them being another ancient racethat left the galaxy and is now returning, or have i misunderstood?

  19. Nomar says:

    Sorry to say this but I think your Misunderstood. Oricon is not part of an expansion. It was announced that it was going to be apart of 2.4 so its just a content update.

    My guess is the tenticles have more to do with the Dread masters than the Gree. There was a boss in the Heroic 4 Seeker Droid mission that was similar to the creature in Fortress Picture. My guess is the tenticle has something to do with that boss fight.

  20. Count Sacula says:

    Wow 2.4 looks like almost an exclusive PVE patch. I imagine after being told to eat shit and die for a year that the remainder of the PVP players will bail. But hey at least we will have another mount to buy and they might even reuse a flashpoint or two and call it content.

    • Izanagi says:

      remember that the arena stuff was on the previous cantina drives. Its nice to see all elements of 2.4. From those screens, I can’t wait for the new operation (and the end of running tfb :P)

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