SWTOR Loading Screen: A Latecomer’s Quest for HK-51, Part 2

And it's a new Loading Screen, sponsored by the HK-47, Meatbag!

And it’s a new Loading Screen, sponsored by the HK-47, Meatbag!

Hello, and welcome to part two of my quest to acquire HK-51. You can read part one here to find out why I’m doing this. Now, this part of the story involves the location of seven pieces of HK-51 scattered all over the galaxy. Since the first piece listed takes me to one of my least favorite sort of zones in the game, I figured I’d get it out of the way first. Of course, I’m talking about PVP. Personally, I have never been fond of forcing players into PVP zones to accomplish PVE objectives (Gree event orb quest, I’m looking at you), but depending on when you go, it’s possible you can get through without getting wrecked by an opposing player when all you’re trying to do is shake down a Jawa vendor for some stuff that costs… how much? 125K credits? Good thing I took my toon with a bit of bank on her.

Jawas: Trying to rip off Jedi for millennia.

Jawas: Trying to rip off Jedi for millennia.

Now, you can get to Outlaw’s Den on Tatooine with the legacy perk Priority Transport: Outlaw’s Den, but I never really cared to spend my credits on shortcuts like that. So, I flew my ship there and took a speeder to the nearest factional outpost and rode my personal speeder to the actual zone. Unlike the time when TORWars the guild celebrated our anniversary by showing up en masse (probably scaring the folks from Ascendant who were hanging out) and having a free-for-all PVP session and party, there wasn’t anyone there when I ran in there to get the HK part. Of course, I picked 1.30am Eastern time to go, so fewer chances of anyone actually using the area. So, I found Collector Kezzit the Jawa over in the corner and bought my HK part from him. If you misplaced your Burba scanner, you can pick up a spare for 50k. Republic players will well remember his contribution to the Coruscant and Tatooine stories.

Treek says this swamp stinks and she can't get the smell of rakghoul out of her fur.

Treek says this swamp stinks and she can’t get the smell of rakghoul out of her fur.

Next, I went to Taris, to the wreckage of the Endar Spire and did the scan all around thing. I’ve said so before, and I’ll say it again, Imperial Taris is a lot more awesome than Republic Taris, simply because of the time of day change. And here’s where it gets a bit tedious. You have the scanner, and you plop it down near the Endar Spire wreckage, and you wait while it does its thing. And then you do this repeatedly in various locations until it locates the part you’re looking for. Once someone finds it, cool, you can click on it for the next minute, much like that one datacron in a locked box on Balmorra, but once it despawns, it relocates itself so the next person who finds it won’t find it in the same spot as the last one. Unlike the Seeker Droid scanners, this one doesn’t really point you in the right direction. I played hot/cold on the four cardinal directions until I got it right. It took about a good twenty minutes, including the time I taught a newer player about class buffs and why it’s good to use them. I found the HK Chassis at -91, -147, and most of the other guides seem to put their locations around that pond near the Endar Spire.

I'm Queen of the Mountain!

I’m Queen of the Mountain!

Then, my next stop was the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. If you’re primarily Imperial, this is where you need a Republic toon of approximately level 15 to run this. It’s another scannerfest, so go to the restroom first and then get comfy, because you’re going to be awhile. I used a circular search pattern to locate the part, scanning the outer ring of the Temple ground floor, then the main path, and then of course, the inner track, where I located the part. Like all the other parts, it moves after you locate it and it despawns again, so while I found it in the middle, others will find it just about anywhere else. Also, because I’d never gone back on any toon since I finished Coruscant, I took the time to kill the champion on the upper level near the datacron, thus getting an achievement for killing certain mobs on the planet.

A valley full of possessed or insane Imperials, best place to hide droid parts.

A valley full of possessed or insane Imperials, best place to hide droid parts.

My next stop was the lovely planet of Dromund Kaas. Even though I only needed a level 15 character to take on this portion of the quest, I sent my level 55 Sorcerer, because his aggro radius is much smaller than an on-level character, and he’s kind of grumpy that I haven’t played through the Makeb content after I hit 55 on him. The scanner from that crackpot Republic scientist is bind-on-legacy, so you can mail it from your Pub to Imp toon and vice versa. However, feel free to shake a fist at that bumbling fool Fez Burba because his little scanner is quite pathetic. That’s what you get when you give your scientists freedom. For a game mechanic, I think it would have been best if the scanner didn’t work in any area outside of the area where the parts are, and also that it should give directionals. Many thanks to guildie and fellow TORWars writer Caligari for helping to narrow down where the piece was. A search pattern with overlapping scanners made the job a lot easier.

And in the blue-white glare of Hoth, I find a part of HK.

And in the blue-white glare of Hoth, I find a part of HK.

Lather, rinse, repeat on Hoth, around the wreck of the Ambria’s Fury. Worse, for those who don’t like bright light, the glare on Hoth will likely hurt your eyes after awhile doing the search. This search was complicated a little by the fact the mobs are higher in level and thus easier to aggro. Also, the downed ship is fairly huge, so there’s a great deal of territory to cover. It seems as if searching near to the wreck gave better results, according to a couple of the sites with guides on them.

Malgus gives his lapdog some orders.  Sit, Ubu, sit.  Good dog.

Malgus gives his lapdog some orders. Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog.

The last two pieces required a group, because they were in the Maelstrom Prison and False Emperor flashpoints (Foundry and False Emperor if you’re Imperial). I grabbed a couple of friends, and with much thanks to TORWarz guildmistress Lightshaya and XFOR’s Caheer, we plowed through them in an afternoon. Even though both guides I used as a backdrop mentioned False Emperor first, we decided to run through Maelstrom Prison first instead. I’d never been through this flashpoint, so it was all new to me, and to be honest, I was having a lot of fun, since I trusted my two cohorts to know what they were doing and to coach me on what stupid not to stand in. They also let me listen to all of the story bits that other players would have been insisting we spacebar through at this late stage in the game. Without spoiling the story, let me just say that as usual, the BioWare touch just knocks it out of the park. What was really funny is that because we were all running this in Hard Mode as level 55s, we were pretty much steamrolling everything with Caheer’s Nadia companion out to add to the DPS.

Shaya observes Revan during his cutscene.

Shaya observes Revan and the Force ghost of Meetra Surik during his cutscene.

Our next stop was the False Emperor flashpoint. I also have to note that I had one of the coolest epic moments in all of my time playing Star Wars: the Old Republic. In our fight with Tregg the Destroyer, we had one of those moments that turn a normal regular lesser boss fight into something rather interesting and awesome. Our tank Lightshaya got hit with a knockback that got her stuck in a pillar, and then our healer Caheer died, so all of a sudden, I got a crash course in Sentinel tanking. Thankfully, it happened when Tregg already was at half-health, because I’d already used my medpac in the fight, and all I could do is just burn him down. With the others cheering me on in Mumble, I managed to keep my rotation going, the bleed on him, all my high-DPS skills, and then he hit me with the knockback. I thought for sure I was dead because I was out of range, but then Twin Saber Throw and Dispatch came off cooldown and I hit him in the face. He dropped, I stayed standing with only 47 health left. That moment displaced soloing Toborro’s Glittering Fury on Makeb back in the day as the most amazing and epic moment I’d experienced in the game. I might have hurt my friends’ ears cheering in Mumble. Sorry!

Dead group, no heals, beating the guy with only 47 health left: Priceless.

Dead group? Okay.  No heals? Fine.  Beating the boss with only 47 health left: Priceless.

Statement: Say farewell to your pitiful existence, meatbag.

Statement: Say farewell to your pitiful existence, meatbag.

Away with you, pitiful mortals!

Away with you, pitiful mortals!

And of course, nothing involving the HK series of droids can be considered complete until you have an encounter with HK-47 and get called a meatbag. Then our final stop in the False Emperor party was Malgus himself, who is not a very polite Sith Lord. Look what he did! So, we decided to kick his can, even though it wasn’t necessary for the HK-51 questline. Finally, after the two flashpoints, we went to Section X on Belsavis and went back through the Finality, which was a lot tougher than when I’d soloed it with Treek the first time. At the end of it all, we thawed out my very own HK-51, who is very puzzled by my peace-loving Jedi, but accepts her as his master. And thus, we end as was originally written in a story once upon a time: my Jedi Knight does have an assassin droid at her beck and call. She’s not exactly sure what to do with her murderous companions, but she isn’t ready to let either Treek or HK-51 go off on their own if she can help it. Now, that safari Treek went on…? Totally not authorized.

Statement: My existence on your team is at odds with your stated desire for peace.

Statement: My existence on your team is at odds with your stated desire for peace.

Here we are, at the end of another adventure in Star Wars: the Old Republic. There are, of course, always more adventures to embark upon, many stories to tell, journeys to make. I’d like to thank the writers of SWTOR, particularly the lead on the HK questline, Hall Hood, for their amazing work on this game. And remember, people, wherever your characters go, the Force will be with you, always.


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