SWTOR Loading Screen: Life Day 2013

And it's a new Loading Screen, sponsored by the Hoth Snow Fort and Hot Tub Assocation!

And it’s a new Loading Screen, sponsored by the Hoth Snow Fort and Hot Tub Assocation!

It’s that time of year again, and thus, while we all start cringing about the fact that the Star Wars Holiday Special exists, we acknowledge the most (in)famous holiday in the Star Wars canon. Last year, Star Wars: the Old Republic did very little for the holiday, simply offered some items on the Cartel Market to much dismay amongst the playerbase. These included the Life Day Robes worn by the Wookiees on Kashyyyk, a Czerka speeder that was pretty much a snowblower with Christmas lights on it, and a few other bits and bobs that soon became hideously expensive on the Galactic Trade Network due to their rarity. After the advent of the Collections system, I sold my spare Life Day Bundle for six million credits on the GTN earlier this year.

This year, the Life Day event has the return of those items for purchase on the Cartel Market, and they’re already available now. The Bundle contains the Orb, Holo-Tree, Tinsel Bomb, Vestments, Lower Robe, Boots, and the LD-1 Celebrator. Right now, it’s at a discounted rate of 2400 cartel coins. The various items can be purchased a la carte for the following prices:

  • Robe Set (Vestments, Lower Robe, Boots) – 960 coins
  • Orb – 60 coins
  • Holo-Tree – 400 (discounted 33%)
  • Tinsel Bomb – 300
  • Speeder – 1800 coins
Oooooh, shiny

Oooooh, shiny

In a gold post in the official forums, Community Manager Eric Musco stated that these items are going to be embargoed indefinitely. While he did leave the door open for the minute possibility these might crop up next year, for now, it appears that this will be your last opportunity to get these items. No sly winking about how the rakghoul infestation had been curbed 100% or anything, so this is the real deal. You can generally tell when Eric’s gently trolling, because he so loves that rakghoul emoticon that’s in the forums, and it was absent in that post.

Unlike last year, we actually get an in-game event to go along with Life Day. Running from Tuesday the 17th until New Year’s Day, beginning and ending at 10AM GMT (2AM PST/5AM EST), players level 10 and up can purchase Life Day Snowball Bombs with credits from a Master of Ceremonies located in the GTN section on Fleet. By hurling these snowballs at other players, you might get a Snow-Covered Parcel.

Dashing through the snow, in a one-nerf open speeder...

Dashing through the snow, in a one-nerf open speeder…

There is currently no data yet on the drop rate or how much the Snowballs cost. The MC also will barter the Parcels with players for rewards such as the Sleigh I speeder (a near-reskin of the Orlean Fortune Hunter). Parcels and Gray Helix Components acquired in the simultaneously-running Gree event can be used to trade for a Cyan Sphere mount. It’s unclear whether the MC vendor or the Gree vendor on Ilum (or both) will be bartering for that one, nor how many Parcels and Components you need, nor how much Reputation with the Gree is required. However, because the Gree event is only for levels 50-55, if you want that mount, you’ll probably want to be flinging your snowballs from a high-end toon, because we don’t know if the Parcels are bind-on-pickup or bind-to-legacy yet.

There are also achievements for the Life Day event, as we previously discovered lurking about on the Public Test Server. They, unlike the Festive Tauntaun mount, made it safely to the live servers. If you find one Snow-Covered Parcel, you get 25 Achievement Points and a legacy title of Life Day Celebrant. If you find 25 Parcels, there isn’t a title, just another 25 Achievement Points. At 100 Parcels, you get another 25 Achievement Points and the title of A Special Snowflake.

To a player such as myself who has been through holiday events on other MMOs which – to be fair – have been around longer, this seems a bit light in terms of activities (although do we really want to encourage further exploration of the Holiday Special in our game? Nooooooo!)  Unless the drop rate for the Parcels is abysmal, I could easily see myself completing the 100 Parcel objective for the Special Snowflake title on both of my servers on the first day, so what’s there to work toward for the other thirteen days the event will run?  Those fortunate to have a good guild to run with will easily get any Gray Helix Components on Ilum, but there’s still the option of pugging it up for those.

Someone say my name?

Someone say my name?

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see on Tuesday. What are your thoughts, TORWarriors?




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2 Responses to “SWTOR Loading Screen: Life Day 2013”

  1. Jedi says:

    So so sad how the game now is only about the cartel market to milk
    money out of the remaining playerbase.Even hollyday things cost a shitload of real money to get, revolting ! Anyways 5 weeks ago i reported a easy to fix bug ingame and after 5 weeks there was still no auto reply it’s been forw to the cor dep blabla, talk about a game in maintenance mode.

  2. garth vader says:

    This game is fun enough without throwing snowballs around, but hell, i want that mount so BRING IT ON BABY!

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