SWTOR: Preferred Early Access for Galactic Starfighter is now open!

Hello TORWarriors! A new patch hit the servers and with it came something for all you Preferred Status player. Preferred Status Players now have their chance to log in and play some Galactic Starfighter, and there’s no level requirement.


Also, according to the patch notes there’s some new ship variants:

• New Ship Variants: Gunship – The Gunship role has been expanded, with 4 new ships available for Galactic Starfighter:

    • New Comet Breaker and Dustmaker Gunships are flexible long-range fighters, able to equip heavy laser cannons and torpedoes in addition to their railgun.
    • The existing Quarrel and Mangler Gunships are available for purchase in the Hangar using Fleet Requisition.
    • Premium Strongarm and Demolisher Gunships can be found in Dogfighter’s packs, providing an alternate look for the Comet Breaker/Dustmaker.

While you’re waiting for your loading screen, you can see all those variants in the video embedded below so check out this trailer featuring your teams heavy hitter,  The Gunship.

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