SWTOR’s Seattle Community Cantina Reveal: Super Secret Space Project?

In an interesting turn of events, Seattle became the information hot spot for BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. It would seem that in addition to other goodies found on the flash drive, the “Super Secret Space Project” was revealed.


View both the Imperial and Republic fighters in action in the video below:

What do you think TORWarriors? You excited? I myself have been hoping (and predicting) this one for a wee while now. Bring it on BioWare!

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34 Responses to “SWTOR’s Seattle Community Cantina Reveal: Super Secret Space Project?”

  1. masterjedi says:


  2. Vistaer says:


    Well then, I’ll just be looking into a way to seal myself in carbonite until this is out now.

  3. Ludwig says:

    Bioware just bought my love!

  4. Finx says:

    Just FYI, this video was the *only* file on the thumb drive handed out at the Seattle Cantina Tour.

    • Caligari says:

      Yeah, I was hoping for more info, but it was cool to see what we got. I recorded both Q&A sessions, so hopefully they came out good enough to share with you all.

      • Wingardium says:

        2 Q&A’s? Where will we see these recordings? On here or some other website? Thanks in advance.

        • You will see (hear) both Q&A’s here thanks to guildie and TORWars friend Caligari. When I was watching the net for intel last night I read on many sites that the venue wasn’t large enough to hold all that showed up. Amber Green was kind enough to rally another Q&A and we have the recordings via Caligari.

      • Many kudos to you kind sir, for without you, we’d be empty handed. Cheers to Caligari!

  5. EDfromRED says:

    Looks Fantastic!
    I hope EA aggressively advertises this upcoming Space Project release and all the other great additions the developers have added to the game.
    If this is PvP space combat, a lot of people would be drawn to give it a try.

  6. Veda Ra says:

    This is what the games needs! And if it is pvp in space, it will be a great way the bring back a lot of pvp’s that left the game.

  7. barf master jedi poop diapers says:


  8. v1sper says:

    Oh my god. I thought it wouldn’t happen, but I am SO GLAD I was proved wrong. If this is half as good as I think it will be, my faith in BioWare will be 100% restored. This seems amazing!

  9. MTKtor says:

    Off rails? I honestly can’t be sure even though I’ve just watched that for the 8th time.

  10. myswtor.pl says:

    I was so happy then I tried to make some “new” space mission, I’m terible space pilot 😛

  11. hrrathul says:

    Well it looks to be the same on-rails space combat, except you get to pilot a fighter. Not sure that’s so revolutionary.

  12. Calisean says:

    Been waiting for this since launch.
    Btw for any of u who thinks its on rails your wrong. U can tell by the camera. It follows the ship. The ship doesnt follow it.

  13. Sandird says:

    OMG, this is incredible, simply incredible!…

  14. Targeter says:

    I need a reason to play again. Please, Bioware, give me this. Please.

  15. Yajard says:

    At the first Q&A, someone asked about space, and Damion told us to look at our jump drives. Mind = blown for most people there at this point. Finally some real space combat system updates!

    The venue was a pretty small and oddly shaped. A cool place for sure, but just not very spacious. We were allowed to return after the first Q&A assuming the room had sufficient space for us. New trivia questions popped up!

  16. val-lin says:

    It’s a about time 😛
    I am extremely excited for some free fly off rail space. i dont care if its pve or pvp… ill play either

  17. Darren says:

    meh space pvp does nothing for me

    more story content please bioware and less minigames unless it involves housing

  18. Nomar says:

    Did anybody else notice the name of the narrator is “Shroud SS6”. Do you think “The Shroud” is gonna play a part of the Space Game now?

  19. Mike C says:

    Oh man, I’ve been waiting so long for BW to open the flood gates on SSSP info.

    My initial reaction seeing this video:


  20. agent joe says:

    Another thing of the wall of crazy cant wait for this did it say he was the shroud that could continue or link macrobonocular missions ummmm. Interesting hope this could be pvp space need to upgrade my ship then O_O

    Twiter @joesphrucklidge

  21. Earth_benderking says:

    After waiting almost 2 years and we get this , i almost hate to sound negative but this to late . Ive been waiting on new pvp area’s not 4v4 , waiting on expanded class story nope .bug fixes class balance , community events that don’t involve killing like a mini game . Now im starting to see why people are leaving to other games . I still like swtor but my question is the devs even listening anymore because it only seems like all we are getting is packs . aka money grap >?

    • masterjedi says:

      Are they listening? You mean like when the players asked for an off-rails space game and the devs are working in implementing it? You mean like when the players asked for more endgame content and the devs implemented (counting the two upcoming) 4 operations in 4 1/2 months? Or like when the players asked for more live events and the devs implemented The Grand Acquisition Race, The Relics of the Gree, Bounty Contract Week and a return of the Rakghoul Plague? You mean like when the players asked for class balance and the devs dedicated an entire major update to class balance? I don’t know, it seems an awful lot like the devs are listening to the players.

      • 3nihs says:

        Hear yee, Hear yee!

        For thine eyes do beseech sweetness
        A gentle stream to treat us
        The parting oak lies facetious
        An old tale layered sleepless
        Groggy the foggy morn, blindly so odious a scorn

        To a raveled mind in litany
        Troubled by any an epiphany
        What was lost was found wittily
        To an arm chair general for a day,
        and they the blind infantry
        Hooray! Hooray!

      • Treyan says:

        I think you said it all pretty good MasterJedi. If people don’t see the time and effort that the Dev’s are putting into this game, giving the player base what they want then those people are just blind….

  22. Fraevar says:

    Talk about a surprise. I’ve been showing this around to a lot of my friends and they’re all saying that this is the first time they’ve been really excited for something coming down the pipeline for SWTOR.

    I can’t wait to see how this will work out – from the brief look we get in this video, it looks like they’re trying to do what Chris Roberts did back with Freelancer. Which is never a bad thing, in my view.

  23. damien66 says:

    Not sure but I didn’t see anything that indicates this isn’t on rails. Am I missing something?

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