SWTOR’s Seattle Community Cantina News and Pictures

Hey there TORWarriors! Here we are again with yet another thumb drive from the Seattle Community Cantina Tour event. What’s on this particular thumb drive?  As it turns out, it’s only a single item — the “Super Secret Space Project” teaser trailer — and that’s all. Truly, the thumb drive was a true tease, too.  No pics, no text write up, and no other information, was included on the drive. Of course, in the coming days, as more hard news and solid information trickles in, we will be posting all the details, and I do predict a BioWare LiveStream or Dev blog post in the coming days.

Now, even though the thumb drive contents proved sparse, our good friend, fellow TORWars guild mate, and all around solid TORWarrior, Caligari was at the Cantina event and snapped some photos for your enjoyment, which are embedded below along with others that were procured from SWTOR’s FaceBook event page.

This was a bit of an unusual Cantina, in that it was completely overstuffed. The venue could hold 150 SWTOR fans, but a whopping 300+ folks showed up. In an effort to make things right for everyone that wanted to attend, SWTOR’s own Amber Green decided to hold two back-to-back Cantinas (well, in a sense).  The first wave of folks came in, got drinks, and did the Q&A with the devs. Once that was concluded, a second wave of SWTOR fans was let in, they grabbed drinks, then this second wave of fans got to do another Q&A with the devs. That’s some pretty good (and fast thinking!) community service there, folks. Of course, as always, the Cantina was a good time, as the pics below attest.

Caligari was also able to grab the audio from the Cantina Q&A sessions and in the coming days we’ll be posting that audio right here on TORWars, so check back with us to listen to all the latest nuggets of news, right from the devs at the event!

Another Cantina Tour, another thumb drive...

Another Cantina Tour, another thumb drive…

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