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In-Game Video: The Galactic Trade Network (SWTOR Auction House)

Hello, TORWarriors! My name’s Sam Carey and I’m sure you will all be thrilled to know that I’m going to be jumping in and helping to bring you Star Wars: The Old Republic news here at the site. A few facts about me; I’ve been in multiple SWTOR Beta tests, I’ve been a TORWarrior for […]

The Auction House: Blasters, Beggars, and Credits

The good people over at AskAJedi have given us another read-worthy article this week, this time on the use (and abuse) of the MMO auction house system. While we don’t know a lot about the auction house in Star Wars: The Old Republic, author Momus argues that it will probably be a lot like WoW’s. […]

Frugal like a Jawa

I think we’ve all experienced an empty wallet in an MMO. Excitedly you will be running to the vendor to buy your first mount, as you’ve finally reached the required level. On your way to the vendor, you stop to pick up your new class skills from leveling up. Clicking though each new ability and […]

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