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Path to the Calm Side: Lines & Lag – The Taming of the Queue

The Old Republic – mother, teacher, secret lover. For all that she gives us, she also draws our ire. Creepy referral of TOR as a woman aside, the game has something new that people can freshly complain about – queuing and lag. With only a few exceptions, the ongoing beta test has been a relatively […]

Stress Test Beta, Day Two: Player Experiences So Far

Day one of the big SWTOR stress test beta weekend is now over, and we here at TORWars have been keeping careful watch on how things have been coming along. Have most players enjoyed SWTOR? What about bugs? How bad is the lag? Have there been many server crashes? How about gameplay problems? Well, folks, […]

Bounty Hunter: Hands-On First Impressions from the Beta

Well folks, the NDA has lifted and I can finally speak of my exploits in playing around with Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Bounty Hunter class. Once I was able to jump into the Beta, I suddenly found myself with a very bad case of ‘altitis’, wanting to test out all the different classes; with […]

TORWars Podcast #55: NDA Breaker!

This is an exciting time for us here at TORWars – the SWTOR NDA has finally dropped! This means that we can finally talk about all aspects – yes, everything – of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Truth be told, this is actually a big relief for us. We’ve been keeping this stuff bottled up […]

Path to the Calm Side: Great Expectations

The NDA has officially lifted for our beloved Star Wars: The Old Republic. While some of us will look on this as a joyous time to bathe in the warm pools of new information, others will meet the fresh explosion of content with disappointment or as anti-climactic. The problem is with expectation. People build something […]

The SWTOR Trooper: Hands On Impressions from the Beta

Now that the NDA is lifted, writers, bloggers, and fans are free to write about playing the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta. Since I’ve been spending some quality time with the Trooper in the beta, I thought I’d share my experiences with you. Two disclaimers up front: one, this is information from the beta, […]

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