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SWTOR Flyby: Hutta


Welcome back to SWTOR Flyby’s everyone. I hope you enjoyed our trip to Tython because we are leaving those scenic vistas behind and exchanging them for the stinky swamps of Hutta. Flybys will give you a brief overview of the planet making sure that you don’t miss out on any of the sights and sounds […]

E3: Star Wars 1313 First Look

Hello TORWarriors and welcome!  E3 is over and now it’s time to sit down and chat about a little something Star Wars related that I saw, Star Wars 1313.  We know that many of you have been eating any news about this upcoming addition to the Star Wars franchise and it is my great pleasure […]

Imperial Agent Weekly: Lone Ranger or Team Player?

Greetings TORWarriors and welcome to another edition of the Imperial Agent Weekly! This week I thought I’d take a little detour from the usual fact finding and information gathering we do and talk a bit about play styles. When SWTOR launched it seemed like the Imperial Agent class was fairly low on the radar for […]

1.2.0c Patch Notes – Class Tweaks, Bug Fixes, and Increased Warzone Rewards

Last night’s unscheduled server downtime brought with it some fairly major audio bug fixes, combat tweaks to the Trooper and Bounty Hunter classes, as well as fixing rare guild access issues. Personally, the biggest and most welcomed change is the adjustment to the rewards given when losing a Warzone. If you’ve been on the losing […]

Bounty Hunter Weekly: Blades and Fire – the Advanced Prototype

It’s time for another round of Bounty Hunter Weekly and this time we’re going to be looking at the Advanced Prototype (AP) tree of Powertech Bounty Hunters in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We’ll look at just how sharp those Retractable Blades can be and what kind of effect 1.2 may have had on talents and […]

Bounty Hunter Weekly: 1.2 is (still) Coming…

This week’s Bounty Hunter Weekly will take another look at the upcoming changes coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic that will arrive with the hefty 1.2 patch. We’ve taken a look at a lot of the changes that are coming with 1.2 in the past, and this week specifically we’ll investigate more recent further […]

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