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Vote For Your SWTOR Class Representatives Now!

The ultimate Class Rep, the man himself, Lord Vader.

The vote is on and it’s time to cast yours! Eric Musco, Community Manager extraordinaire addresses the community and gives us the details about the poll. It will from from now until Monday, July 29th at which point, whoever has won the poll for each class will be the new Class Representative. Eric then says […]

Trooper Weekly – Patch 1.2 and You, Part 2

Hello again, Trooper fans – glad you made it past the security checkpoint. If it’s your first time stopping by, head over to the Trooper Newbie Guide for basic info but if you’re a long-time reader then get ready for a breakdown of DPS Commando-specific changes coming in patch 1.2. The Basics There are two […]

Republic Trooper Interview: Zoeller Talks Trooper Combat & Versatility

The fine folks over at Republic Trooper have conducted an interview with BioWare

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