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Open TOR Policy: The DPS Meter Made Me Do It

To Recount or not to Recount – that’s the question of the day, and an issue heavily debated on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums (at least until they were wiped). Do we really need a combat meter system, or can SWTOR survive without it?     Greetings, TORWarriors! It’s time again for “Open […]

Question of the Day: Do You Want a “Recount” or Damage Meter in SWTOR?

For those that may not be aware, Recount is a rather well known mod for World of Warcraft. It tracks damage over the duration of the fight by each player, damage absorbed, healing done, damage absorbed by magical means, healing needed, overhealing, the number of deaths, DOT and HOT uptime, effects dispelled, what was dispelled, […]

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