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Pondering SWTOR’s Patch 2.3 Role-Neutral Content


Greetings fellow TORWarriors! The other day I posted the most recent patch notes for Game Update 2.3: Titans Of Industry which is currently on the Player Test Server (or PTS for all you newcomers).  In reading through them it got me thinking. So, I thought I’d grab a patch note or two from the PTS […]

Game Update 2.3: Titans of Industry PTS Patch Notes

PTS Patch Notes can, and probably will change.

The Public Test Server Patch Notes for Game Update 2.3 have been posted and it’s shaping up to be another content rich update focused on SWTOR Elder Game. In addition to two new level 55 Flashpoints based around the Czerka Corporation, there will be a role-neutral story mode option for faster queue times, a new […]

GameSpy: Another Look at SWTOR’s Endgame

Earlier today, Marshall pointed you at a story from where the endgame for Star Wars: The Old Republic was discussed. If you’d like another writer’s view, GameSpy has also written up their first impressions of SWTOR’s post-level 50 elder game. G-Spy’s Leif Johnson says he was enjoying his Jedi’s story so much he feared […]

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