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Imperial Agent Weekly: The Quick and The Cunning

Greetings TORWarriors and welcome to another edition of the Imperial Agent Weekly. This week we’re going to take a look at the IA’s primary stat and try to clarify just what it does in conjunction with some of the other stats. Grab your favorite frosty beverage, put your feet up on that crate of thermal […]

GameSpot Text & Video Review: SWTOR 8/10, ‘Great’

Hey kids, gather round, it’s time for the latest and greatest Star Wars: The Old Republic review. Today, we have the assessment from GameSpot who award BioWare’s epic title an “8.0” (out of 10) and a text rating of “Great”. (Thanks Christopher Landrie for the tip!) G-spot likes that “Outstanding production values capture the vibe […]

Video: Daniel Erickson on Joining BioWare, Weaving Together SWTOR Stories

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Lead Writer Daniel Erickson sat down for an excellent, in-depth video interview with G-Spot last week. You’ll definitely want to check this one out if you’ve got an hour to spare. Erickson chats about his start in the game industry where he went from video game critic to a design […]

Cory Butler Demos Huttball and The Eternity Vault for G-Spot

BioWare’s Cory Butler has led G-Spot’s Maxwell McGee through The Eternity Vault Operation and a Hutball session at Gamescom 2011. While the demo was “hands-off,” the write-up still offers a decent and quick overview of what is being shown at the convention. Huttball Quote: “Butler unveiled a new warzone coming to TOR called HuttBall, a […]

New Sith Inquisitor Video and Interview Hit GameSpot

Huzzah! Info and an exclusive video for my favourite-est class in Star Wars: The Old Republic have popped up on GameSpot! The interview doesn’t contain a great deal of new stuff, unfortunately, and is geared more towards explaining what the class is and what it does for the benefit of those who’ve never heard of […]


In my questing across the Internet, I stumbled across a few tidbits of Star Wars: The Old Republic related information today. First up, Georg Zoeller confirms that view distance will be a configurable option in SWTOR. Not too much of a shocker there, as that

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