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The SWTOR Cartel Market: First Impressions

Hey TORWarriors as you may have heard by now the Star Wars: The Old Republic Public Test Center was updated on Tuesday October 23rd with the Cartel Market. This is our first live look at the new cash shop that’s coming in as part of the Free to Play conversion of SWTOR so I spent […]

Path to the Calm Side: Closing Impressions – The Past, Present, & Future of TOR

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, Sunday the 4th, Beta for Star Wars: The Old Republic will be but a memory. All of our characters will be killed, our favorite planets and locations obliterated, our ships impounded, and our Companions jailed. What marks the end of a phase for TOR will be a new beginning […]

PAX Prime Day One: Huttball Hands-On

That’s right folks, you read the title right. I played Star Wars: The Old Republic’s new Huttball Warzone and welcome to my first impression. Not really familiar with playing my toon (a level 14 Sith Assassin) I chose to play defense on my team which, when in doubt, always works for me. I was able […]

Playing The Sith Juggernaut – Hands-On Impressions from E3

BioWare put on an impressive show at E3 this year. After a brief tutorial, I and 19 other gamers were led into a room filled with gaming rigs (video here), where we chose a class to play. The prearranged adventure was on Tatooine, and all characters were level 26. There we received a quest to […]

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