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The Hardware Hutt: Question About Internet Speed and Improved SWTOR Gameplay


Hello TORWarriors! This week we will answer a question from a reader. They wanted to know what kind of internet connection I would recommend to smoothly play Star Wars: The Old Republic. This Week’s Question Hello Hardware Hutt!! I have a question regarding internet speed. What would your recommendation be for someone to play SWTOR? […]

The Hardware Hutt: Increasing RAM to Improve SWTOR Game Performance

Hello TORWarriors! This week, we here at are introducing a new segment called “The Hardware Hutt”. This weekly article will feature different topics from the world of computer hardware, software, and peripherals, and will cater to all levels of computer knowledge, from beginner to expert. The entire goal is to help you increase your […]

Multi-Monitor SWTOR Gaming Rig

Think you’re an uber hardcore SWTOR fan? Did you get to 50 in just a couple of weeks? Do you pwn in PvP, and dominate in Operations? Well, prepare to have your e-peen shrivel up a bit. Redditor Jatznic posted this nice pic, along with some details, of the gaming rig he uses to play […]

Tom’s Hardware: SWTOR Benchmarks Released

Stormtrooper ATTACK!!

Beta Disclaimer: The information in the article is subject to change once the final version of Star Wars: The Old Republic goes live. We also acknowledge this is only a test performed by Tom’s Hardware and results may very among other benchmark tests. Well, fellow TORwarriors, it looks like Tom’s Hardware has an update to […]

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