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Galaxy of Guilds – Eternity

This week we are joined by Eternity’s recruitment officer, Kathryn. She shows us behind the scenes of her bustling international guild where everyone has direct influence on the guild decisions. And how does a guild scapegoat become a reason to join? Scroll down for the answer! Quick stats: Guild type: PVE/PVP Server: The Red Eclipse (Empire) / […]

Wall of Guilds – Find Your Gaming Soul Mates.

Has your friends list been hit by the Diablo 3 plague too? And now you are looking for a guild to team up with? So many servers represented today on the Wall I bet you can find a community that’s just for you! If, however, you are looking for a guild on a specific server […]

Wall of Guilds – Can’t Stop the Signal

If your guild is looking for members or you are looking for a guild then come over here and browse the guild ads of this week. Can’t find a guild recruiting on your server? Try doing a search for your guild in the TORWars search box and see if there wasn’t one recruiting on previous […]

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