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Electronic Arts on SWTOR: “We Nailed the Launch”

As we mentioned earlier today, Electronic Arts (EA) released their comments about the quarterly earnings summary yesterday to their shareholders. The corporation did very well last fiscal quarter. Of course, Star Wars: The Old Republic had a big part in that. EA reported that two million copies of the game were sold, and 1.7 million […]

EA News: Happy With SWTOR Launch, New Austin Customer Experience Office

Two stories related to EA and Star Wars: The Old Republic went up in the last 24 hours over at Firstly, comes the news that Electronic Arts has opened a new “50,000 square foot Worldwide Customer Experience office in Austin, Texas this week.” EA COO Peter Moore says: “It’s really about building out our […]

TORWars Interview: Dr. Greg Zeschuk Talks SWTOR Launch

TORWars Exclusive Interview with BioWare Co-Founder, EA VP and BioWare Austin General Manager Dr. Greg Zeschuk In the exciting and hectic days just before the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic we audaciously attempted to grab a few words with BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk when he was at his busiest. Unfortunately, with all […]

SWTOR Launch Detected: MMORPG Interviews Dr. Greg Zeschuk

Hey there, TORWarriors! If you haven’t heard, Star Wars: The Old Republic has officially launched and the world can now finally dive into the action. At SWTOR’s New York Launch event, got the chance to sit down with one of BioWare’s Co-Founders, Dr. Greg Zeschuk, to discuss SWTOR and the launch. BioWare can now […]

Plethora of New Servers Available for Launch

Unless you stumbled upon this website looking for information on how to battle the Tor anonymity software, you should know that Star Wars: The Old Republic has officially launched around the world. This joyous news was met with some apprehension as a few saw long waits in the queues during Early Access. Well worry no […]

Your Saga Begins – in Documentary Form!

The day has finally come to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic! We were fresh on the scene for you last night and today we bring you a nice video of the journey. At launch last night (or this morning depending on your world orientation), BioWare put up a documentary video chronicling […]

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