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TORWars NYCC VIDEO: Fan = Forever Alone?

After a full day at New York Comic Con Jeff and Deirdre Hollis are back to wrestling with the internet at their hotel to upload more videos for those of us glued to the internet for news and gossip. This time I got to pull an interview with a charming couple at Thursday’s Meet and […]

NYCC Meet & Greet: Photo Gallery Part Two – Playing SWTOR

Here now are more TORWars photos of the Star Wars: The Old Republic New York Meet & Greet from last night. These shots are focused on fans playing the game. Apparently there were long waits for the stations and not everyone was able to get their hands on. Still, everyone seemed to have a great […]

TORWars NYCC VIDEO: Bottoms Up At Meet And Greet

Our intrepid reporter Jeff Hollis and his trusty (resurrected – not a blue ghost you will note) Yoda mic managed to pin down a guest at yesterday’s NYCC Meet and Greet. We here at TORWars always love meeting our fellows in the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. Especially when they can’t outrun us! Stu […]

TORWars NYCC VIDEO: At The Meet and Greet

Following up on his previous video Jeff Hollis shot some footage from inside the Meet & Greet. One might claim this video is shot under drier conditions than the one outside of the line waiting to get in, but only in a literal sense judging by the size of that bar. Apparently there is a […]

TORWars NYCC VIDEO: Line For The SWTOR Meet And Greet

Earlier this evening Jeff and Deirdre traveled down the Meet and Greet line waiting outside in the rain capturing mortals and Starlets (Hi Kathy and Rox!) from the Star Wars: The Old Republic community. The weather wasn’t really with those waiting but judging by the toasty bar photos our Away Team provided from the Meet […]

TORWars Exclusive: SWTOR NYCC Meet & Greet Photo Gallery

Well folks, the official BioWare-hosted Star Wars: The Old Republic New York Comic Con Meet & Greet has now ended. As the happy (presumably drunken) SWTOR fans stagger out into the Manhattan night in vain attempts to flag down taxis – we joyfully present this Photo Gallery. Not-nearly-inebriated-enough shots taken by TORWars’ Jeff & Deirdre […]

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