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Social Points: Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

  Early access saw the deployment of guilds onto their new home servers last Tuesday; with players flooding in wave by wave to experience the long awaited game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The launch today will see even more players flooding onto the servers. But what can a guild leader do on discovering that […]

Plethora of New Servers Available for Launch

Unless you stumbled upon this website looking for information on how to battle the Tor anonymity software, you should know that Star Wars: The Old Republic has officially launched around the world. This joyous news was met with some apprehension as a few saw long waits in the queues during Early Access. Well worry no […]

Right on Cue: Things You Can Do During a SWTOR Queue

We all know queues for Star Wars: The Old Republic are about as fun as, oh, pulling out a hangnail or having our tonsils removed without anesthesia. So, I, the Geeky Mom, am thoughtfully giving you some constructive things to do during your wait in the queue. Feel free to share your equally useful suggestions. […]

Path to the Calm Side: Lines & Lag – The Taming of the Queue

The Old Republic – mother, teacher, secret lover. For all that she gives us, she also draws our ire. Creepy referral of TOR as a woman aside, the game has something new that people can freshly complain about – queuing and lag. With only a few exceptions, the ongoing beta test has been a relatively […]

Stress Test Beta, Day Two: Player Experiences So Far

Day one of the big SWTOR stress test beta weekend is now over, and we here at TORWars have been keeping careful watch on how things have been coming along. Have most players enjoyed SWTOR? What about bugs? How bad is the lag? Have there been many server crashes? How about gameplay problems? Well, folks, […]

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