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If you got to this page after making a donation to our PayPal account, we truly thank you.  Your donation will help offset our server costs and other liabilities, and we appreciate your support.  If you got here just out of curiosity, we’re just glad you’re here, reading our site, so feel free to read on.

TORWars is a rather expensive labor of love.  It’s run by SWTOR fans, for SWTOR fans, and it’s been operating in the red — sometimes, very deeply in the red — since the site started back in 2010.  Fact is, we’re tens of thousands of dollars in the hole.  The editors, writers, podcast staff, and everyone else here at TORWars are volunteers, and have been since the beginning.

Once again, you have our deepest appreciation for your support.  If you’re a donor, know that your donation is helping to keep TORWars what it is – the largest fansite, and #1 podcast, for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Thanks again, and see you in-game!

Look how happy you've made these TORWars staffers!  Truly, the Force is with you!

Look how happy you’ve made these TORWars staffers! Truly, the Force is with you!

10 Responses to “Thank You for Your Donation!”

  1. Liberty says:

    Enjoy site & podcasts, keep up the great work.

  2. Joe says:

    Enjoy the website! and look forward to the podcast each week!! you guys do a great job!!! Keep it up :) and most of all May the Force be with you!! 😛

  3. WhiteBoy says:

    Thanks for the podcast and site! It was worth the donation just to get to see this “exclusive” picture. :)

  4. Darak C. says:

    OK, that was funny to see your faces like that after making a donation. Loved it! :)

  5. THE Obtuse says:


  6. Drew says:

    Best TOR podcast out there IMO. Thanks so much and I look forward to your future podcasts!

  7. T-3PO says:

    I have only been a listener for a short itme, having come from another SWToR Podacst that has since lost its appeal. I like the topics and the discussions about the game and how they can enjoy it with a critical eye to make it a stronger game to play.

    One suggestion might be to add a focus on a class like a talent build or suggestions to make a player better. Example: Imperial Agent healer talent build could look like this or this. Gametips like what secondary stats do, or how an enhancement would work in gear.

    Keep up the good work!!

    For the Empire!

  8. Masterkao (Nick Denton) says:

    Just thought i would help you guys out, really enjoy th show and its been a real hep to me understanding the game better and appreciate all that you guys do in making your site and pod casts

  9. ElionD says:

    Love the show, guild & site. I know my donation is small. Will be bigger soon!

    Thanks guys for all you do.

  10. wowdane says:

    A little something for all those good times :)
    :: HUGS ::

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