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If you’re reading this post, it may be because you’re looking for a fun SWTOR guild to call your own.  Or it may be because you’ve heard that the imbeciles that run TORWars have formed a guild, and you’re wondering how badly they’ve screwed it up.  Or it may be that you’re bored, surfing the obscure corners of the intertubes, and you managed to stumble onto this post.  It doesn’t matter.  We’re glad you’re here.  :)  Without further ado, here’s the official TORWars guild FAQ, which contains all kinds of useful (and moderately snarky) information about our little guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Somewhere in our little FAQ, you’ll find information about how to join the TORWars guild. Joining our guild is so simple, even the Kowakian Monkey Lizards that run the TORWars website were able to do it successfully.  That should tell you something.


Wow, TORWars has their very own guild?

Why, yes.  Yes we do.


Yes, really.  When SWTOR offered a free to play option, we felt the time was ripe to form our own guild.

How many members does the TORWars guild have?

As I sit here and write this, our guild has around 400 characters  on the Imperial side, and 200+ on the Republic side as members.  We generally have around 40 players on during the evenings, and around 15 to 20 even in the wee hours of the morning.  It’s a pretty lively bunch.

One of our founders, Darth Sunshine, looking her best

Is it true that George Lucas plays in your guild?

Yes, that’s 107% true, and you should not doubt it at all, ever.  Totally true.  Totally.

What faction do you play, and what server are you on?

We’re on Shadowlands, playing both Empire and Republic.

What kind of guild is this?

TORWars is a social guild.  This means that our focus is on socializing, and on grouping together for a wide variety of activities.  So, if you’re planning on running a flashpoint, please say so in guild chat.  You’ll probably find someone in the guild that wants to do that with you.

Does that mean you guys don’t raid, don’t do Operations, and don’t do PvP, etc?

We do whatever seems fun at the moment.  As the guild has evolved and grown, we’ve now taken to running some operations, we run lots of flashpoints, and we have teams focused on PvP.  Some of this is done in an ad-hoc, unplanned manner, while other times it’s all planned out like a Sith battle plan.  We are not what you might consider a traditional “progression” guild.  For that matter, we’re not a traditional “PvP” guild, or a traditional “Operations” guild either, but we have our fair share of that available.

Here you see Brian leading a group of TORWars guildies on a ‘hard mode’ Operation. Cleared it on their first try.

Can Free-to-Play players join TORWars?

Of course!  We’re a friendly bunch, and we love FTP players.

You guys sound pretty social.  Do you have a Mumble server?  And what about an official guild website?

Our official guild website can be found right here, and our latest Mumble info is on the front page.

How about a Twitter account?  All the cool kids have Twitter accounts.

You can find ours right here.  (Does this mean we’re cool now?)

Is the guild really run by the TORWars staff?

Sort of.  The TORWars site takes a mountain of effort to run, so the staff really doesn’t really have time to devote to running the guild effectively.  However, we have friends who do. AlanShotFirst is our guild’s imperious leader, and he was chosen because of his skills in running a guild.  Senior guild members are a mixture of TORWars writing/podcast staff, and non-staff.

Our leader was chosen because of his intellectual prowess and obvious leadership skills. Do not question him.

OMG, this sounds like the greatest thing ever!  How do I join?

Any character that reaches level 10 can join.  Joining the TORWars guild is a simple, three step process:

1) Fill out the guild application found right here.  After an officer has reviewed your application, a confirmation code will be sent to you.
2) Log into the Shadowlands server on your character and /cjoin sunshine.  Once in the “Sunshine” channel, request admittance into the guild.
3) A guild officer will verify that you have completed the above steps, and invite you into the guild.

Do you have any guild rules?  What happens if I join, but then I don’t log in for a while?  What if I want to leave the guild?  What is someone in the guild is bothering me?  

Our guild rules are really the most common sense things you could imagine.  Alan has done a great job of keeping our official Code of Conduct up to date.  You should read it.

Safety Tip: Do not screw with Alan.

What kind of things get people kicked from the TORWars guild?  Funny you should ask.  Here’s a list, comprised of a random number of real incidents, stuff that happened in our prior guilds, and things I made up just now:

  • Stealing items from the guild bank (We can see what people take out)
  • Spamming chat with a constant stream of nonsense (Talking more than the entire rest of the guild combined is really annoying)
  • Filling Mumble with insipid chatter or random weird noises (Again, we’re a social guild.  Monopolizing the channel isn’t socializing, it’s a soliloquy)
  • Pestering guild mates for instance run-throughs, or other unnecessary help (You’re not 13.  We checked.  So ask once, then knock it the frack off if no one volunteers)
  • Using derogatory or disrespectful names or terms, or threatening to shoot people in the face
  • Repeatedly talking about how much you enjoy your hallucinogens (this really happened)
  • Sexual harassment, or using overt sexual references (imagine how nasty this had to be for Brian to kick someone out for it)
  • Getting REALLY drunk on Mumble (The key word here is “REALLY”.  Getting regular drunk on Mumble is funny, and we do it all the time)
  • Repeatedly doing something an officer asked them not to do
  • Being really, really weird (Just don’t be)

Generally speaking, asshattery (along with chicanery, tomfoolery, and shenaniganery) really will not be tolerated

Ok, now I have a question about…  Easy there, young padawan.  If you gotten this far, you should probably just join the fun.  :)

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  1. Tuucs says:

    So I’d like to join the guild with at least one of my Imps. One problem…they are all on Pot 5 sever. Just curious if there will be any room left by the time sever Xfers come.

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  5. Brad says:

    hello, i was thinking about joining your guild on imperial side, you say your guild is casual but also still do warzones and all that also along with flashpoints?

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