TORWars Audio: Live Q&A from the SWTOR Community Cantina!


If you’re a Star Wars: The Old Republic fan, you probably already know that the official SWTOR San Francisco Community Cantina was held last night.  As usual, it was a fun event, with free food, lots of free drinks, and some hands-on play time with the next big SWTOR expansion, Galactic Starfighter.  That, in and of itself, has made this a big night in the SWTOR universe, and fans everywhere are giddy with excitement.

Of course, there’s always more to see and hear from these events.  TORWars’ own Deirdre has uploaded the thumb drive assets that the BioWare developers handed out at the event, and our very own correspondent, Marshall Carr, also took a bantha-load of pics while at the event.   Of course, we’ve got our very own interview with Marshall after the event, in which he gives us his insights, impressions, and overall feel from both Galactic Starfighter itself, and the Cantina overall.  So yes, we’ve been busy bees here at TORWars.  Busy, Sithy little bees.

One of the things that SWTOR fans are sure to be excited about is the Q&A from the Community Cantina.  Sure, just like every other Q&A, some fans ask the same old questions again and again.  And, once again, Master Musco shows his patience.  This time, however, things were a bit different.  Why, you ask?  Because at this event, everyone got to play Galactic Starfighter, and the devs answered specific questions about this formerly super secret space project.  Yes, that’s right, fans asked questions about Galactic Starfighter, and the devs gave out some scoop.

Musco, at one with the Force

Musco, at one with the Force

What, pray tell, did the devs divulge?  Well, you’ll have to listen to the audio, above, to get the full skinny.  And, as always, after you’re done listening, leave us a comment and let us know what you think.  The show isn’t over until we’ve heard from you!

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5 Responses to “TORWars Audio: Live Q&A from the SWTOR Community Cantina!”

  1. Jedi says:

    Should get a new community manager, one that actually answear peoples mail, also they never answear on communitysupport mail. Guess he is just arrogant.Anyways hardly any new info.

    • 3nihs says:

      There is new info, that they play on adding guild capital ships.

      I just hope that the overall game continues to progress well with what people want overall and not just tid bits of end game of dailies/FP/OPs.

      • Jedi says:

        We alredy know that.What would be far better would be Raiding in capital ships like in star trek online with a mix of space and ground.

  2. Oxi-jin says:

    Thank you for Recording and Sharing this audio. It is greatly appreciated!

    I’m super pumped the Devs seem to have finally realized/said how cost prohibitive changing outfits is.

    • No problem:) I’m glad they had a sound system at this event. So much easier to hear both questions and answers on the recording. I got the impression that if the cartel market keeps making as much money as they let on it does, we will eventually get some of the features we’ve wanted for a while. Maybe not soon(TM) but eventually…

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