TORWars Audio: Special Report from the Chicago Community Cantina


Hello TORWarriors! Welcome to the TORWars audio special report from the Chicago Community Cantina, featuring Jean Prior! This is a special episode and so does not get a number, nor does it interfere with our regularly scheduled Tuesday podcast.


As you know, TORWars was present and accounted for at the Chicago event and our “Girl On The Ground”, Jean, was able to get us some pics and info both from the thumb drive and from the event itself. In this podcast, I get to sit down with Jean and discuss her thoughts and impressions from the Cantina event in Chicago. We chat about the Q&A, new information gleaned, and the fun that ensued after.

If you’ve not heard the recording from the Q&A session, you can listen to that here. In the meantime, enjoy the show!

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5 Responses to “TORWars Audio: Special Report from the Chicago Community Cantina”

  1. Snake says:

    Do you guys not do 2 podcasts a week anymore? What happened to the early week news focus and the late week opinion focus. I really enjoyed that. Two separate segments each week was something to really look forward to.

    • Zaitana says:

      I miss them too, but kids happen ;p just glad ya’ll are able to keep up with the site and the podcasts. thanks for all the effort you still put into keeping us fans up to date on the news from BW and giving us a place to discuss said news 😀

    • We used to, yes. But, as Zaitana said, kids happen. I had a baby in February and taking care of two little ones now eats up a chunk of our available time. Sitting for a two hour stretch to podcast is not something that our children would tolerate. We still try to get you information and other perks in a timely way and perhaps, if time allows in the future, we will be able to fit in an extra cast or two.

      Thanks for listening!!!

  2. Thross says:

    Thank you for bringing this information to us, Jean and Deirdre!

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