TORWars News: A Sad Goodbye And A Warm Welcome

Hey there TORWarriors! This week has brought some changes to our little site, some good, and some sad.

Alice_Wilkes_01As many of you know, Alice is our chief guild queen. She has been compiling all of the information submitted by guilds and editing that information together to create one of our favored guild recruiting features, Wall Of Guilds. It is no easy task to edit this piece, but Alice has done it exceptionally well. She has also been team lead on Guild Spotlight, another one of our articles that features one of the fine guilds that help make up Star Wars: The Old Republic. Alice has been a standard here at TORWars and was on board when we first started this site. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to one of our loving crew, but we wish her the very best in all that she does. Please be sure to visit her site at, where you can read all about the latest in video games, or purchase digital downloads of your favorite titles. Please be sure to give Alice a fond farewell in the comments section below. I know she’d love to read your kind words. Cheers!

Now, how about a warm welcome?

caligaribitingNewest to our crew of nerf-herding misfits is none other than the great Caligari. We know it’s hard to tell from his pic (don’t say anything about his dental work – you have been warned.) but Cali brings us a fresh eye, and attention to detail. He’s also one of the best guildies we’ve ever had (despite his need to gnaw on epic loot drops before handing them out). We’re happy that he’s come on board, and a bit confused as to why he’d want to work for us in the first place….please don’t tell him that we are raising a herd of miscreant Tuskens in the back room, or that the wookiees need regular shaving. What Cali doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.

You may have already noticed that his fine writing skills have graced our pages here, here, and here, but please keep a lookout for more of his awesome humor as he continues to submit wonderful work that makes TORWars ever more awesome. You can also give him a warm welcome in our comments section below, but be nice, I have heard he’s got an angry dewback.


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4 Responses to “TORWars News: A Sad Goodbye And A Warm Welcome”

  1. gamerladyp says:

    I, and many others in my guild found our current home through the Wall of Guilds, so I can’t thank the writers of that feature enough. Such a great feature but a lot of hard work I’m sure. Good luck and thanks!

  2. M1-4X mechanic says:

    Goodbye and thanks for your good work here ! *waves with sad face.

  3. Good luck with the site, Alice! Glad you took care of my babies so well.

    – Aggie

  4. Alice Wilkes says:

    Thanks all, I’ll miss my time here very much!

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