TORWars Podcast #165: Super Secret No More!


Hello TORWarriors! Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had some interesting happenings in the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The most exciting of all is the rumors and video featuring what looks like the infamous Super Secret Space Project.

A high-quality screen grab from the SSSP! Okay, not really.....

A high-quality screen grab from the SSSP! Okay, not really…..

We grab our main man Werit as a guest on this weeks episode and discuss this hot topic. We hope you like the show. Be sure to leave us comment expressing your thoughts in the comments section after this post. In the meantime, here’s the show notes!


  1. New patch was not without it’s difficulties. Patch 2.3.2 was released without the in-game Cartel Coin purchase feature do to some problems, explains Eric Musco. Shortly after we received a fixed patch with the included promised feature and it came in the form of 2.3.2a.
  2. SWTOR Community Cantina  is headed to The Big Apple. The BioWare Community team has announced that they will be hosting a Cantina in New York city during one of the cities largest geek events, New York Comic Con. If you haven’t been to a Community Cantina before, we highly recommend them. There’s free booze, cool giveaways and some fan-intended intel. Here are the details:

    Venue: Stitch Bar and Lounge

    Date: Saturday, October 12th, 2013

    Time: 8-11PM EDT

    Address: 247 West 37th Street. New York, NY 10018

  3. BioWare is looking for new blood. Thanks to a tip from one of Werit’s readers, we know that BioWare is looking for local testers to work on an unnamed project in Austin, Texas. We dive deeper into this in the next segment, but could this be for something super secret? Like, for instance, a space project?

Discussion Topic: SPOILER ALERT!!!!

Super Secret Space Project!!!!!  (Warning:  our discussion contains a few small potential spoilers!)

  1. Werit has data-mined a bunch of stuff that definitely appeared to be a part of something big, and spacey (not Kevin of course….).
  2. We got this video from the Seattle Cantina.
    1. Our breakdown and insights into the contents of the new space video.
    2. Comparing the video to what we already know.
    3. Is this related to the fact that BioWare is hiring testers in Austin?
  3. There is data-mined intel on Reddit that also backs up our suspicions that we will be seeing the SSSP soon™.


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18 Responses to “TORWars Podcast #165: Super Secret No More!”

  1. Schmee says:

    Well, I have to say, I’m quite disappointed. I guess when the SSSP was more mysterious and no one really had any information on what it could be, it seemed like it could be the greatest update ever. Speculation ran from guild ships, to being able to change your own personal starships, to making the current (already made) space missions off-rails, or even so far as saying they might add an entire new persistent area that you could fly a ship into and play around in without rails.

    Looking at the information that’s been released I’d agree with you that it seems to be some kind of instanced warzone-based space pvp setting. It would seem that all of those ideas really were just that- speculation, and all of the cool things that they could have done with it are turning out to be nothing. While I’m sure that plenty of people would have a lot of fun playing with this new update when they release it, it’s just not something for everyone. If it does turn out to be something paid for- as large an update as an expansion like you say- I’m going to try not to buy it. (no doubt they’d include many new improvements and changes and bundle it together that I’d have no choice)

    SWTOR has all manner of players- we have those that stick to themselves and play through the story just for the story. We have those who do nothing but PvP and those that do nothing but endgame PvE. We also have the hardcore RP players that enjoy that kind of game experience. And even still more that mainly join a guild and kind of hang out without engaging much in any of the endgame content. This update satisfies one of those groups, but I daresay many others won’t be nearly as happy with it.

    At least now I’ll have a bit of ammo to throw out should all this come to pass as you say, the next time a hardcore PvP player complains of lack of content updates to the game. “Yeah well screw you, you got the SSSP and an entire expansion pack just for you guys, it’s time that we got a little bit of recognition”.

    • barf master jedi poop diapers says:


      how do you figure that this will be a PVP-only portion of the engine? maybe the initial release – it doesnt mean the entire use of the system has to be. they could make flashpoints and raids around the model similar to how X-Wing, TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance had missions that involved hyperspace buoys to travel to new instances in the mission.

      they’d be shooting themselves in the foot if they didnt develop some sort of PVE aspect of this. i want BOTH.

      also, we don’t even KNOW what the full extent of this is and people are already pooping their diapers based on some datamining.

    • Nomar says:

      I highly doubt this will only be pvp. I do believe it will mostly pvp. But from what I read on the datamine info on reddit, there’s definately some pve aspect. There’s a new daily area on Kuat, a famous shipyard planet (which by the way is also mentioned in the SSSP teaser video released by bioware).

      Also the Space companions appear to have their own codexes as well as other NPCs that are not companions. Which strongly indicates that there is either some sort of story line players have to complete or some sort of mission, which is not pvp related. Also IDK how space companions are going to work in a warzone style instance if that’s all it is.

      Clearly there’s some sort of pve aspect to it. We just don’t know what it is yet. Now for my fun.


      Like the heading said this is a wild speculation but I noticed something while reading over the codex for the NPCs and Companions. Almost half of them were somehow involved in “The First Battle of Bothawui”, and one of the Admirals happens to be a Bothan.

      It was datamined a long time that Bothawui was one of the next story planets they were working on, though not much has been updated since then.

      However if this is a paid expansion we could be seeing Bothawui as the new planet for the game where “The Second Battle of Bothawui” could take place, or incorporate the Space Project. Which would be a huge pve aspect.

    • Mooch says:

      That’s the problem with rampant speculation, people are going to project their own desires onto that nebulous canvas. It can only lead to disappointment when the final project is revealed.

      However, being the total hypocrite that I am, I’ve also been doing a ton of speculation over the year. Fortunately for me, the SSSP is shaping up to be pretty close to my own predictions (read: selfish wants). A twitchy(ish) shooter game with elements of star fighter (roles) and customization, with elements that are reminiscent of the old x-wing games.

      To call it a bone thrown to the PvP’ers is over-simplifying both PvP and the SSSP. They are essentially two very different game genres and it would be wrong to assume that all players that enjoy the “on-ground pvp” would automatically pick up the SSSP simply because it was PvP only and vice versa. It would not be very effective ammo in that regard.

      Instead, what I suspect PvP’ers are looking for are for Warzones to essentially be a parallel game to what SSSP game is shaping up be. Something distinct from the main game, but with little more FPS-ish feel to the controls, and a limited selection of abilities to bring into each match. Most importantly, a parallel PvP game can feature gear that can be adjusted independently of it’s PvE functions, solving a butt-ton of balancing problems.

      But then again, that’s probably just me projecting my own wants again.

  2. Caligari says:

    The ability to buy the coins in-game is still disabled, and I think the 50% discount is on hold too it seems.

  3. Bob Thresher says:

    Ya, I just dropped everything at work, logged in, tried, and it was a no go on the cartel coins. I called support, and they said it was disabled, and that if I read the forums I would know when it came back, and if there was going to be a discount. 😛 I expected preferential treatment being a sub and a friend of Jeff & Deirdre!


    • Caligari says:

      HAHA! I submitted and in-game ticket last night just for kicks as well. Hopefully they’ll hook us up with the cheap coins soon (since we know J & DD).

  4. Brad says:

    i have an idea how about the community cantina come to St. Louis once in a while so that fans can attend the event???

  5. Altoholic says:

    ok, so I just looked at the video of the Space game PvP thing. it looks cool, but… and yes, there is almost always a but. PvP has, at least for me, always been about: how good are you at playing your class. this has nothing to do with that. I assume all player ships are able to do the same things, so no class, if you will, will be different from any other, they will all be the same. So this will be like a PvP 3rd person shooter game. a 3D counter-strike. So the best shooter wins. It’s not that it isn’t fair, because it is, but everyone will be the same.

    that said, I’m looking forward to trying this out.

    • Mooch says:

      There’s some pretty extensive data mining out there that indicates that there will be a large variety of ships and subsequent variants that will fill specific “roles”. Some of which include scouting, damage dealing and defending captured points.

      So it would seem there’s still a fair amount of learning how to play one’s “class” in the SSSP. Although in a completely different game mechanic than regular SWTOR PvP

      • Altoholic says:

        ah ok, so there will be “tank” ships, “dps” ships and “healer” ships and so on… I see, in any case, I’m looking forward to trying this

  6. GaddockTeeg says:

    I’m confused as to what “confirmed” means when you say you only talk about datamined stuff after it’s confirmed. What do you consider confirmation?

  7. Nick says:

    Another interesting podcast. If this SSSP just turns out to be PvP arenas in space then my interest just evaporated. Let’s hope they manage to put some PvE aspects into it.

    As for the cartel coins stuff, 2.3.2a did not fix this, it simply removed it completely. I’m sure they are working frantically trying to fix it before re-releasing it.

    The relevant 2.3.2a patch notes are:

    Cartel Market
    The in-game Cartel Coin purchasing feature has been fully disabled and the Cartel Market no longer contains a banner referencing it. Please note: Cartel Coins are still available for purchase via

    Clicking the “Add Coins” button in the Cartel Market now properly directs players to

  8. JT says:

    Great podcast!

    I think the Super Secret Space Project will be back a lot of players. While I think a vast majority will be checking it out and than leaving, there will be some that start playing the game again and become subscribers again. I’ve things like the Rise of the Hutt Cartel bring back members we haven’t seen in 6 months and now they are there every raid night long after Rise of the Hutt Cartel content has been eaten up.

    I would like to hear y’alls opinion about Rise of the Hutt Cartel being free now. As I’m sure y’all know the player-base is raging upon the forums once more over previous purchasers not receiving any Cartel Coins. I’d just like to know what TORWars opinion on the matter is.

    Best of luck to y’all in the future and can’t wait to hear from y’all again.

  9. Whatever says:

    I think the 6 week content cycle is long gone at this point.

  10. Avorik says:

    At the mention of the New York Community Cantina and “get your seventeenth Taun Fawn code” I shook my fist silently at the computer screen. Bioware needs to come to Atlanta so I can finally attend an event and finally get one of those critters.

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