TORWars Podcast #167: The Obscure Reference Cast


Hello TORWarriors!!!!  Welcome to this episode of the TORWars Podcast #167: The Obscure Reference Cast. The last week has been nothing but a fountain of information coming out of BioWare. Star Wars: The Old Republic is only getting more interesting with news of the “SSSP” coming into the spotlight as SWTOR’s next expansion, “Galactic Starfighter”. I personally can’t help but think of that defunct 80’s movie, The Last Starfighter when I hear the name. Now there’s an obscure 80’s reference for you proving I’m both a nerd and old.


Anyway, on to the show notes!


1. What better way to start off this weeks podcast than with the mention of “Galactic Starfighter”. BioWare’s newest expansion to the SWTOR universe.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is adding Player-vs-Player (PvP) combat in the Free-to-Play Digital Expansion: Galactic Starfighter.

– A variety of unique starships
– A wide set of customization and upgrade options
– Multiple battle zones and gameplay modes
– The thrill of epic 12v12 space battles

● Active Subscribers are offered early access beginning December 3rd, while Preferred Status Players will have access on January 14. It will then be offered as a Free-to-Play Digital Expansion available to the public beginning on February 4. Each group will also receive special in-game items as part of this Early Access opportunity:

● Subscriber Early Access Rewards (Subscriber Early Access opens December 3, 2013)

– Early Access to “Galactic Starfighter” on December 3
– Exclusive Paint Jobs
– Two Pilot Suits
– Two Titles (“Test Pilot” and “First Galactic Starfighter”)
– Subscribers get the maximum leveling and progression benefit (a Starfighter Pass will also be available for purchase in the Cartel Market beginning January 14)
– Active subscribers as of November 1 will receive an exclusive “Galactic Starfighter” early Gunship unlock and custom Gunship paint jobs.

● Preferred Status players will receive:

– Early Access to “Galactic Starfighter” on January 14
– Two Pilot Suits
– Exclusive Title (“Test Pilot”)

2. New York Community Cantina:

● Contents of the flash drive surfaced and this is what we have:

– Blizz Customization
– Blurrg pet
– Formal Wear
– Infected Wamprat
– Zeldrate Mount
– Custom Paint Jobs for your very own Imperial and Republic Galactic Starfighter Scout Ships
– Some exclusive screen shots and custom wallpapers from the upcoming expansion, “Galactic Starfighter”.

● TORWars wasn’t able to grab audio this time, but our friend and compatriot, JD (aka Gaddock Teeg) was. You can listen to it here. Some of the things JD chats

– A new race is in developement, but is taking time. As far as its alien-like qualities are concerned, it’s somewhere between a Twi’lek and Cathar. So a “little more alien than Cathar and a little less alien than Twi’lek”, according to JD.
– Class story takes a very long time and is essentially complete. Taking that into consideration, BioWare would rather focus on more story choices in future content.
– Newer events possibly coming in our future.
– Maybe a new holiday event in the future.
– And more….

3. The Upcoming San Francisco Community Cantina

● We’ll be on the ground covering this event. If you’re planning on attending, let us know! Details can be found here.

Discussion Topic:

This one comes to us from Bmal Suj via our comments system:

I’ve started playing SWTOR just in the last few months here, and discovered your show not that long ago, and I’m really enjoying it.

I have a question, or discussion point perhaps, for your next podcast.

By in large the people in game are nice, or at least respectful of others.  It seems a good community.  But especially in Gen chat… on the fleet… at late night hours… certain people will come out and post the most racist and/or sexist garbage…

Most of the time I feel the need to challenge these people and tell them they’re full of it, tho I don’t usually engage past this point… long drawn out gen-chat arguments seem pointless, although telling someone what they’re saying isn’t “cool” sometimes is…. sometimes it shuts people up and makes them think… sometimes you get a bunch of people agreeing with you (which hopefully makes the dumb person think about their behavior)…

One of the worst examples I’ve ever seen was a few nights ago where someone talked about dead Jews (yes… seriously)…

I’ve heard that when you try to report people for such behavior it usually doesn’t work… I was told the “canned” answer is “turn on your language filter”… tho to be honest I haven’t tried before this guy (and I didn’t hear back on my report, so I don’t know what happened).

Can we have a discussion topic on how to deal with this, other than a simple /ignore, because that doesn’t fix the REAL problem.

Shout Outs:

  2. TORWars Guild
  3. PayPal Donations – Many thanks to Daniel and WoWDane! We truly appreciate your generous donations.
  4. Corellian Run Radio
  5. Werits Blog
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13 Responses to “TORWars Podcast #167: The Obscure Reference Cast”

  1. blackwolf says:

    the alien that came down to get him was sentary “i have it on dvd hehehehe”

    • Yes! That’s right! Although I believe the spelling is Centauri and not to be confused with the Centauri from Babylon 5. I can’t believe you have it on DVD….I may have to go and get it. For reference of course. 😉

  2. Oxi-jin says:

    Bioware gets the most money from Subscribers – When I was at the Dallas Cantina Tour earlier this year, days after 2.0 came out, Damion Schubert flat out said to the whole crowd that Subscribers were far and above where Bioware got most of it’s money. Maybe that’s changed since then…but back in May that’s what was true and it’s what I’ve heard in a couple other Cantina tours.

  3. dontcare says:

    I’m very dissapointed in the no more class story news. I think its time for me to to admit this isnt the same game as 2011 and move onto something else

    Later its been real

  4. Caligari says:

    Hellgate:London FTW!!! 😀

  5. Altoholic says:

    So thats why there has been so long time between podcasts lately. Sickness is a very good reason, I totally understand now.

    Here is what my idea of an expansion is: nr. 1 and most important: higher level cap can currently. 2: new stuff to level on. Makeb delivered this. And this is why Makeb was an expansion and this is not, this is more a large patch. An expansion expands the game (obviously) on all aspects, be it levels, PvE and PvP content, this does not, it gives you a new way to PvP and that is it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about this, but it is less than I expected from an expansion.

    SWTOR was sold on the story driven game aspect Jeff, you take that away and make everyone feel the same ala Makeb, the selling point is dead. Again, Makeb was fine, but I was disappointed that the story wasn’t continued. I would have loved to go punish someone as the Wrath or save someone as the hero (jedi knight) or what ever. But you have 1 ending pr. faction and thats it. I know it would take longer to make, but I’d happily wait for it.

    What I love about SWTOR is that it is FUN to level, unlike World of Warcraft, where it most of the time is boring to level. However, some of the Cataclysm areas I noticed, have cut scenes in their quests. Like Uldum, the whole Indiana Jones theme with cutscenes and everything, I loved that. But mostly, its boring. been playing WoW for a month now and I have a month left, which I might use 2 weeks of, since I plan on subbing for TOR before Nov. 1st or 3rd or when ever it was. Oh and btw. If they gives us more outcomes to class stories, I would totally be willing to play some again

  6. Jerry says:

    I have been waiting for the SSSP since it was announced, the only part that excites me is that the PvP community is finally getting something nice. I am however disappointed that, with as long as we waited, this is not something I will play. I don’t enjoy PvP, never have so I don’t do. I am going to hold out hope that, while it won’t have PvE content at launch, that it may be added at a later time.

    As for if it should be called an expansion or not I am indifferent, it’s a lot less content than Makeb, obviously, but it is adding something new, for free, so I really don’t care what they call it.

  7. drip_pan says:

    What would be the time frame I would need to activate a subscription to get in on the 3 December early access? And could I get away with just getting one month or would I have to sign up for a longer time?

    • Altoholic says:

      – Active subscribers as of November 1 will receive an exclusive “Galactic Starfighter” early Gunship unlock and custom Gunship paint jobs. <– show notes :) so activate it next thursday and you'll get it.

  8. Targeter says:

    Activate the Death Blossom, Griggs!

  9. Drew says:

    I’m planning to attend the upcoming San Francisco Community Cantina and look forward to getting hands on with the not so SSSP plus meeting Jeff & Deirdre! Is there going to be a meetup event set on or somewhere else??

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