TORWars Podcast #170: Galactic Starfighter Tips, Thoughts, and Impressions


Hello TORWarriors, and welcome to Podcast #170!  In this week’s episode, we cover all the SWTOR and Star Wars news that you’ll find most helpful and interesting.  Since the launch of Galactic Starfighter, there has (of course) been an outpouring of interesting news, so there’s plenty to talk about this week.  So, enough with this chit chat, let’s get to the news!

Yes, this is really a screenshot from Galactic Starfighter.

Yes, this is really a screenshot from Galactic Starfighter.


1.  Galactic Starfighter goes live!

Yes, folks, it’s finally happened – Galactic Starfighter has finally gone live as of last week!  Well, there are a couple of caviats (it’s “early access”, so it’s only gone live for subscribers) but for the die-hard, the game is up and running.  In addition, the reviews have been rolling in, and we’ll share with you what players (and professional game writers) are saying around the web.  There were also a flurry of official news bits and videos from BioWare on the topic, including: An Official Welcome by Blaine ChristineBrian Audette on Crew Members, and an impressive video about customizing your Galactic Starfighter ships,

2.  A new forum for Galactic Starfighter has now gone live

With the launch of GSF, the new forum is ablaze with the latest fan info about the expansion.  Of course, it’s also become a hot spot for collective griping.

3.  Tuesday Downtime

There will be some regularly scheduled downtown for SWTOR maintenance today, Tuesday December 10th, from 3am to 5am PST.  This maintenance will contain Patch 2.5a and will be quite short, at only two hours.  This is essentially a simple bug patch to address some minor issues with Galactic Starfighter and SWTOR overall.

4.  The Class Representative program returns

According to Eric Musco, the Class Representative program will be coming back starting this January, so get your top 3 questions about your favorite class ready for the development team.

5.  Bounty Contract Week returns

Bounty Contract Week is coming back, folks, and it goes live December 10th through the 17th.

6.  Star Wars:  Battlefront has been put on hold

This is due to problems that developer Dice is having with Battlefield 4 — including server kicks, inability to log in, overstuffed servers, etc — and they seem to have pulled all their development team members to addressing problems with BF4.  Is this related to the launch of two new consoles before the holidays?  How long with SW: BF be delayed?  Is this the end of the world?  We have opinions on this, and we share them with you in our ‘cast.

Video of the Week:

Check out Cosmic’s video guide to playing Galactic Starfighter.  There are a lot of videos out there and…well, there’s also a lot of bad advice out there.  If you’d like to hear from someone who actually has a good handle on how to play Galactic Starfighter effectively, this is the best video guide we’ve been able to find.



Our impressions of Galactic Starfighter

There has been a lot said about Galactic Starfighter lately, and the community hasn’t been shy about expressing opinions about SWTOR’s latest expansion. Some have suggested that GSF is too small to be a real expansion, while others have complained about a lack of play modes, or that GSF is PvP only.  Are any of these concerns legitimate?  What do you TORWars hosts think of Galactic Starfighter?  Tune in to find out!

Meta Info:

A few notes on our caring TORWars community, and on a secret opportunity here at TORWars.

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19 Responses to “TORWars Podcast #170: Galactic Starfighter Tips, Thoughts, and Impressions”

  1. wowdane says:

    :: SNIFF ::
    So good to have you back! :)

    I just tried the tutorial today, and was totally lost, lol.
    I’m never gonna figure this thing out.

    Looked at the map to see where I was supposed to go… didn’t see anything.
    So, uhmm… don’t think I’ll do much of this flying battle thing 😛

  2. Mr Big says:

    Great show like always, glad to see you back.

    Cosmic’s Video is one of the best, I think the best advice is building to minimize your weaknesses.

    GSF expansion – As long as they are not charging me, they can call it what ever they want.

  3. Eshmael says:

    I personally love the new Star Wars related Game from BW.
    I do not know why it is implemented into swtor but i still love it *g*
    I thought this would be dead 1 week after launch but i was wrong.
    And there is just one thing why it goes so well: matchmaking.
    My server isnt so well populated and nearly all imps aren’t capable of moving there starship more than 20km without crashing into something, but it is very often a challenge (we are playing very often against reps) and the amount of players is very often similiar (in direct opposite to normal pvp).
    the only thing i am a little upset about is, that i have to earn requisitions on every char on its own. So i only play it on my main, and no twink.

  4. Altoholic says:

    GFS is just another way to PvP. since it launched, I’ve seen people that never PvPed and I don’t like it all that much… I tried it and it wasn’t for me (first impression). I’ll try it later, after I’ve leveled my last imperial (marauder), so I have all 8. I’ve only played it once, so I can’t judge it. But I can say, I prefer “normal” PvP (WZ and Arenas).

    Oh and Welcome back! We, the fans, really missed you. 😀

    and the discussion of weither it is an expansion or not, I’ve said my peace. I think it’s not. An expansion has, for example: PvE content and level cap increase. But they can call it what they want, I won’t rage. I don’t really care. If I can get my wookie, even if they call it an ewok, I don’t care, I get my wookie regardless.

  5. Jacob Hausman says:


    You asked for feedback regarding your show so I’d figured I’d chime in. First off, I like it. I enjoy that you report news and not every small detail of what you did in game. Other shows do this great, but yours is uniquely designed to give out information that would be hard to find, thus keep it up.

    One suggestion would be to have different guest one that have one topic to talk about (so called experts). One could be regarding raiding, pvp, GSF or whatever. This rotation would be nice because every show would reach out to someone and capture one portion of the game and highlight what’s going on.

    This doesn’t have to be super detailed on how to play a Powertech in ranked PvP, but overall strats, why something is fun, and show some enthusiasm for the game.

    Once again, the reason I love your show is the news. I usually log onto your site every day to see if there’s something I’ve missed reading dev blogs/updater or something. Great job, keep it up.


  6. Dritzfury says:

    Keep it going!

  7. Mooch says:

    I love hearing you guys even if you don’t have the time to do it every week. Other casts might be a lot heavier on the nitty gritty details, but I always find you guys the most amusing to listen to.

    Keep up the great work guys!

    One thing that’s been bouncing around the GSF forums are complaints about the F2P set up. Some have, very vocally, expressed that it is blatant P2W and greedy cash grabs.

    I thought that you guys might want to do a cast on GSF’s micro-transaction scheme, as it is a bit different from the core game and what implications it might have on the game going forward.

  8. Ajay says:

    Regarding the tutorial, the pop-ups give some decent information but I found the tutorial level to be lacking. It doesn’t simulate real fighting conditions at all. It was something I hoped would get some attention. Either way, don’t give up too easily! GSF has a steep initial learning curve. Once you get past that, you’ll probably do moderately well.

  9. Ajay says:

    Nice to have you two back! I was checking the website every now and then to see if there was a new podcast, especially after GSF launch! Glad to hear Deirdre is almost 100%.

  10. wahala99 says:

    If you wanna stop the writing and just do the podcast … you have my blessing. I love hearing your jokes and laughter and news and etc … I don’t read a lot soooooo…..

    • J.W. Hollis says:

      Hey Wahala!

      It’s not a measure of all or nothing, really. We’re just doing some planning and strategizing. There will always be some articles, even if we go down the road where we emphasize the ‘cast a bit more.

      And thank you all for your input this far. Keep the comments coming, we’re reading them all! :)

  11. ChrisK says:

    A few thoughts:

    You guys are awesome. This is the very best entertaining SWTOR podcast out there. Deirdre is funny and Jeff is knowledgeable and keeps the show flowing.

    The show improved a lot when a certain someone left. He kept trying to make the show about himself. You guys need to keep it to just the two of you, with guests only. Don’t take on another cohost, you migh end up in that same situation and that really lowered the overall quality of the show.

    I did like it when you guys had two podcasts a week, but that might be too much work.

    Love you two and keep up the great work.

    • JPrin says:

      The show is the most entertaining of the podcasts for sure. I like the information you provide and you do not drag the audeince down with too much boring detail which is good. The two of you hit the big topics and move on.

      I also think the show got better when it went back to being just the two of you. I didn’t like the three person format, because I always felt like your third host was using you to get attention and build up his own publicity and talk about himself. From now on just have guests not a third person. Just my opinion.

      Keep up the good work. You guys are the most popular in my country.

  12. FoEvaAGamer says:

    Yay a new TORWars podcast woohoo! I along with the rest of your fans missed you!

    Of all the SWTOR related podcasts I’ve heard, yours is THE BEST. Your format is the best! I enjoy how you bring us the news, your discussion topics and discussions which are not only informative, but are also entertaining and have made me think about the game in ways I’ve never thought I would. The discussions have given me a better understanding and appreciation of SWTOR, the developers and the MMO industry. I have not gotten this from any other podcast out there. Another big reason I enjoy your podcast is because it’s entertaining! I’m guaranteed to laugh at least a handful of times while listening to your podcasts! I agree with others that you should keep the podcast to you two with occasional guests as you have been doing. I’ve come to enjoy the podcast more when it became just the two of you. I look forward to your podcasts from week to week. I understand real life does get in the way but rest assured, you’ve got a loyal listener whatever you guys decide to do.

    Thanks for all your efforts in making the podcast and the website. You guys make my SWTOR world complete.

    P.S. “Middle Earth Online” LMAO!

  13. Rune says:

    Gunship is grossly overpowered. Railgun is more powerful than a torpedo, instant hit, with no lock-on requirement, free tracking, and infinite ammo.

  14. The_Grand_Nagus says:

    Hey folks, long time listener, first time commenting. Ive enjoyed the show for some time, but not so much lately because it seems like half of the show is just whining about other people whining. I get that you love the game and dont like to read complaints, but listening to you complain about other people complaining isnt very fun. So please, discuss the news and share your opinions on the game, but please dont do so much whining about other people whining. Its just lame :p

  15. J.W. Hollis says:

    Hey Nagus –

    If we don’t whine about all the whiners, what will we whine about? 😉

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