TORWars Podcast #172: Wishlists and the Future!


Hello fellow TORWarriors, and welcome to podcast #171!  It’s been a slow couple of weeks for news, so on this week’s show, we branch out a bit, do a bit more discussion than we usually do, and cover a wider range of topics.  So without further ado, here are our topics for this week’s show!



1.  It seems that EA Canada is working on an open world, sandbox style Star Wars title.  How do we know this?  Well, it’s only hinted at in various job announcements, Tweets, and other errata.  It does seem that EA Canada is hiring for such a game, but will it be Grand Theft Tauntaun: Voss City?  No one actually knows anything at this point.

2.  It’s been two years since SWTOR first launched, and the community team got together and posted some very warm “Happy Anniversary” wishes to everyone.  Now, we sort of covered this story before, but because of the soft launch of SWTOR (with early access, etc), the official date was actually December 20th.

3.  Jedi robes are finally being input into the game!  Well…maybe.  Eric Musco has answered this hard-hitting question from fans, with this quote:

As requested, here is an update on “traditional” robes being brought into SWTOR. I think the first thing that is important to realize is that traditional can mean different things to different people. Although I know many folks are looking for the “Obi Wan” appearance, we won’t just copy and paste that in. With that being said, we have already brought some armor into the game that is a bit more traditional, such as Relnex set in the Supreme Mogul’s pack. In talking to the Cartel Market team we also have two more “traditional” Jedi armor sets in the works. One you will see in a future pack… and another which will be a direct sale item. You should see both of these within a few Game Updates from now, I don’t have exact timing at this moment.

I Googled "Ugly Jedi Robes" and this pic popped up.

I Googled “Ugly Jedi Robes” and this pic popped up.

4.  Jinx SWTOR gear is on sale!  Why?  In fact, it seems this may be a way for them to reduce their SWTOR inventory.  Anyway, this is your big chance to nab that t-shirt you’ve always wanted for just $14.99.

5.  Our very own CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Deirdre, made a guest appearance on The ASF Podcast!  What, you haven’t heard of the ASF Podcast?  Well, let us tell you, it’s the hottest new podcast out there, hosted by the one and only Alan Nauman (of Mos Eisley Radio fame)!



Topic 1:

Our Wishlist for 2014.  Our very own Jean Prior wrote an excellent article on this topic, and we thought we’d share our hopes for 2014.

Jeff:  Mini-games, new flashpoints, and more Galactic Starfighter Maps.

Deirdre:  In-game events, a new expansion, and more faction-based story arcs.

Topic 2:

Many of you had indicated, in your show feedback, that you’d like to hear from us on other sci-fi related topics.  In this segment, we do just that, sharing our top pics for sci-fi movies of 2013.

Deirdre’s pick for top sci-fi movie of 2013:  Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  Her runner up is Man of Steel.  Wait, what?  Tune in to the show, as DD explains her reasoning why a comic book film is her runner up for sci-fi film of the year.

Jeff’s pick for top sci-fi movie of 2013:  Elysium.  He also discusses the film that came in a close second, Oblivion.


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10 Responses to “TORWars Podcast #172: Wishlists and the Future!”

  1. Joe Norero says:

    Wish list:

    Guild Features: Event Calender, Being able to whisper from guild roster, Guild in game page like Hanger (H)for GSF, sending in game mail to guild ranks, Guild operations “player summons”.

  2. Joe Norero says:

    General Star Wars News Segment for Towars: “Star Wars Five Minute Update” – This would be a great addition to your podcast! 😉

  3. M1-4X mechanic says:

    Think the hosts of this podcast never played kotor a game with
    real jedi outfits, and btw jedi order is 25 000 years old and jedi have worn pretty much the same thing all the time.

    Not that it matters, of all the star wars games ever made this is the least canon game there is.And games is alredy the lowest form of canon there is.

    Anyways the issues you bring up with the wishlist just proves how the people making this game just ignore most of the feedback we give them.
    And the almost total lack of communication from the so called community team only hurts the game as players hate beeing ignored.

  4. Jeff says:

    M1-4X mechanic: I’ve played a bit of KOTOR, but not extensively. I know the Jedi outfits you’re referring to, however. I’m also aware of the age of the Jedi order. However, I don’t agree that they’ve worn the same thing throughout that history. However, there are themes that seem to recur in Jedi fashion.

    What we were discussing on the show was Eric’s response to this now familiar complaint about Jedi outfits. We didn’t intend to take some sort of a side on the issue (if there even are sides on this miniscule issue) but instead to report that some more traditional outfits are enroute to the game.

  5. Battlehawk says:

    Dune-quality-type Sci-Fi :)

  6. Schmee says:

    Nope. It’s GT-AT. Grand Theft Armored Transport. 😉

  7. Chaz says:

    Faction based stories are boring, the good thing about Class stories is that they had specific themes and those were lost in Makeb, which was cool but it felt like a well made plantery quest.

    Instead of faction based stories I’d like to see maybe a Force User story and a Non-Force User story. Force and Sith Politics are something really interesting in swtor and Makeb felt more like a military campaign, something for the trooper or imperial agent

    • Chaz says:

      Maybe some people think it’s too pretentions to hope for more class stories, but out of all the things in the game, that was what I enjoyed the most BY FAR, so of course I’d love to see more of that.

      We went from having 8 personal stories to having 2 generic faction stories and that really sucked, considering that what most people signed up for.

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