TORWars Podcast #174: New Bomber, New Class Updates, and A New Live Rakghoul Event!


This past couple of week’s certainly been busy ones in the SWTOR universe!  We’ve had a slew of golden posts by devs/community team members, all containing juicy nuggets of information about developments in everyone’s favorite MMO. This kind of information from the community team is certainly welcome.

Also, it looks like Update 2.6 will go live on February 4th.  What’s in 2.6?  Quite a lot, it seems, and we’ll be discussing all of it with you.

Of course, by the time you read this, Update 2.5.2 has been alive and well on the servers.  Was this just another maintenance patch, or was there a BIG secret surprise in store for SWTOR players?  Of course, we’ll let you know what we think of this latest event/surprise/thingie!



1.  Update 2.5.2 went live on Tuesday, January 14th, and 2.5.2a went live on January 21st.  This really looked to be largely a maintenance update. Of course, on the 21st, everyone was greeted with a somewhat unexpected surprise (well, some spoilers were released by data miners, etc).

2.  Update 2.6 is scheduled to go live on February 4th!  In Update 2.6, there are a number of improvements and updates to the classes, which is certainly welcome.

3.  2.6 will allow players to simultaneously queue for Warzones AND Galactic Starfighter, and will provide a detailed scoreboard for GSF!  The simultaneous queuing is a very significant quality of life improvement for PvPers everywhere.

4.  2.6 will also introduce the bomber to Galactic Starfighter.  We got to see the bomber in action during the beta testing of GSF, and it’s on the  live test server now.  It’s a nice addition to the game, but the consequences introducing a new spacecraft may be far reaching.

5.  Finally, 2.6 will introduce a new game mode to Galactic Starfighter: Team Deathmatch.  Essentially, Deathmatch will simply track each team’s kills, and the team with the highest number of kills wins.   There are two ways to win:  when the timer runs out, and when a kill cap has been reached.  There are also power-ups in the game, which is a new feature.


The new “Live Stream” feature is a rarity in the realm of MMO community teams.  Is this a needed form of interaction between the community and the SWTOR dev team, or is it just a gimmick?  Tune in, as both Jeff and Deirdre give their opinions!


A new live event, the Rakghoul Plague Outbreak, appeared on Alderaan.  On Monday, January 13th, a significant number of hints by the Community Team were dropped, indicating a live event is imminent.  Then, on the 21st, the event finally went live.  Of course, we share our thoughts on this subject.  Is it just a Rakghoul rehash, or did players get something more?

Yeah, yeah, I used a pic from the old Rakghoul event.  So suuuueeee meeeee.

Yeah, yeah, I used a pic from the old Rakghoul event. So suuuueeee meeeee.  ;)


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6 Responses to “TORWars Podcast #174: New Bomber, New Class Updates, and A New Live Rakghoul Event!”

  1. Sablefire says:

    Ya know… Having young Darth Olivia there was a wonderful addition to the podcast, her insight was amazing!

  2. Altoholic says:

    I saw the giant Rakghoul boss was interesting. I saw it on a Dulfy video.

    2.6 will KILL the Sniper/Gunslinger. It is not a boost, it is a HUGE whack with the Nerf bat. As I said in some other podcast, Orbital strike/freighter flyby damage gets nerfed by 62.5%. This will kill the whole Sniper/GS class as all specs use it in their rotation, it is currently the best aoe and after 2.6, it will be the worst. And then they call it class balance, it’s almost insulting.

    And Darth Olivia totally agrees with me, hehehe :) I really hope this change doesn’t go live. And like Darth Olivia, I feel like screaming about this hehe :)

    • darth something says:

      Ugh. A 62% damage reduction? That sucks big time. Orbital Strike is a move i love using on my Sniper – and easy for the dailies and stuff when i need to wipe out mobs real quickly.

      There were 2 bosses for this event, the Eyeless and another one near the drill site i forget eits name.

      What annoyed me was the event just ended suddenly without warning and i was teleported back to the Fleet. I would have liked some heads up so I could turn my missions in.

      I lol’ed at the bits little baby Olivia was making those noises. Normally stuff like that would annoy me, but i was like “awwwww how adorable” this time.

      • Mr Big says:

        Orbital Strike was always been nice when doing dailies on my healer. I wonder is legacy Orbital will always get Nerfed . I hope it doesn’t Nerf them Sinpers/GS too much. Has anyone seen numbers yet from the PTS?

        And the little Sith and her input are always welcome on the show, but I think you need to add her to show intro and label her as a host.

  3. bmal suj says:

    Firstly, I love you guys!! You make great podcast! And “Darth Olivia” was a great co-host! Although, “Acolyte Olivia” might be a more accurate title???

    Secondly, I have a request and a question…

    A few shows ago you shared an estimate of how many people play/subscribe. I’d love a slightly more in-depth idea of where that number came from.

    My question is do we know how a 15 and a 55 running Kuat will share loot, both bosses and trash mobs?? Will it ALL be comms?? Will it set to the lowest level player??? Some of each??? What about credits dropped?? Will it offer everyone individualized loot???

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