TORWars Podcast #176: Clones, Rebels, and Wookiee-Sized Changes


Well, fellow TORWarriors, it’s time for our little weekly chit-chat, namely, Podcast #176.  In this week’s show, we talk about all the latest in the SWTOR universe, including news about Bounty Contract Week, information about the public test server, and most importantly, we discuss the changes that are in store for all of the classes in the upcoming update 2.7.

We also share with you the very latest news for Star Wars in general, including the very latest about Star Wars Rebels, some good news for Clone Wars fans, a few things Disney has up its sleeve, and a very sad loss for the Star Wars family.

"I love you."  "Aaarruurrruggh!

The Love Story Disney Refuses to Tell….

Of course, class updates aren’t the only things that are ch-ch-ch-changing in our little corner of the galaxy, and in our last discussion segment, we’ll tell you exactly what we mean.  And with that oh-so-cryptic remark, it’s time to get on with the show!



  1. Bounty Contract Week is live and kickin’!
  2. If you’ve got characters on the Public Test Server, be prepared to have them wiped with each future update.
  3. Eric Musco did another livestream episode on Twitch TV on Friday, February 14th, in which SWTOR was played live!
  4. Big class changes are slated for update 2.7, which goes onto the PTS on February 24th.  The specifics for your class can be found below:

Sorcerer // Sage
Marauder // Sentinel
Juggernaut // Guardian
Sniper // Gunslinger
Operative // Scoundrel

5.  Star Wars Rebels has a new “Ignite” trailer out, and here it is for your viewing pleasure:

6.  The Clone Wars final season comes to Netflix (along with everything else that’s Clone Warsy!)

7.  Christopher Malcolm (Rogue 2 from The Empire Strikes Back) has died.  He will be remembered, and missed.


  1. Don’t forget, there is a Community Cantina scheduled for February 28th in Atlanta, Georgia.
  2. The “Send Us Your Best My Starfighter Screenshots” contest is continuing until February 23rd (however, no prizes have been announced as of yet…)
  3. Subscribe before March 17th, and get yourself a Lucky 77 Swoop speeder.
The Lucky 77 Speeder:  It Poops Money!

The Lucky 77 Speeder: It Poops Money!


  1. The PTS Character Wipe – is this a good idea?  Is it really necessary?  Why are some folks all in a tizzy about it?
  2. The Star Wars official site is all about Star Wars Rebels, with the latest “Ignite” trailer featured:  will people of all ages watch the show?  Or is the show too “kid oriented” for adults to enjoy?


In this segment, DD makes a big announcement (but you’ll have to listen to the show to find out more…)

Boy, this is one (ahem!) fine looking couple!

The two most grateful idiots in the entire galaxy (thank you, everyone!)


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39 Responses to “TORWars Podcast #176: Clones, Rebels, and Wookiee-Sized Changes”

  1. wowdane says:

    As sad as I am for seeing this site & podcast end, I’m also thrilled & excited for DD to find work finally :)
    Congrats girl!
    This is a time to celebrate…right? :: MUAH ::

    • It is indeed time for celebration! While I’m sad to leave all you wonderful folks, it’s time for me to break out and do something that I’ve loved for such a long time. I will miss being a part of TORWars, but now you’ll all have to find me on the Wildstar crew!


  2. gamerladyp says:

    Aaand, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye and goodbye. *sniffle*
    Will miss the many cheery hellos.
    Wildstar made an awesome call in taking DD on.
    Thank you all for the countless hours spent on this labor of love. You have a lot to be proud of and a bright future ahead.

    • Thank you so much Lady! I’ve really loved it here and I hope to be doing much more of the same but more hands-on. I will miss it here, but please keep in touch. You know how to get me! :)

  3. Diggit says:

    I for one will miss the best pod cast for Swtor.
    But happy for you Dee Dee and your fam.

    Maybe we will see you guys on game more? We can only hope.

  4. Carla says:

    **HUG** While we are going to miss you in the SWTOR community, I am so thrilled (and a bit jealous) that you get to work at Carbine on the amazing Wildstar game with the world famous “Mr. Bass”!

    Love you guys!!!

    • **HUG** Carla, don’t be jealous! You know you’re right there with me in spirit. I really could not have done any of this without you. You are one of the few on the top of the list that has helped me and inspired me so much. Your love an dedication have not gone unnoticed and I’m so happy that we get yet another opportunity to work together once again. Much love for you lady!

  5. M1-4X mechanic says:

    Feel so sad for the remaining players who still want
    to belive SWTOR have a future :(

    With TORWARS gone and it will be gone like Darthater there
    is not much of left of the SWTOR community.We can all blame
    BW/EA for killing the community over the last 2 years.

    Wish you the best at Carbine, and something tells me your
    job will be way more secure with them,then all those EA fired
    at Bioware. As i told you one time on TS Deidre, if bioware
    had any brains they should have hired you and Jeff long time
    ago, to run a SWTOR video podcast.They could have linked the
    show in the launcher to all the players.

    Just like a small thing in game were there are no guild
    calenders bioware have no clue on how to retain players, same
    with the community.But i’m done beeing angry.Dont play SWTOR
    anymore, just wanted to say that i wish your family the best.
    And thanks for all the shows and posts here on the site.

    Cya all in Wildstar and then in Star Citizen.

    • Awww thanks! SWTOR still has life though. It’s not dead or dying. While I appreciate your honesty (which flatters me of course), the Community Team for SWTOR is quite good.

      It’s never easy coming into the office, day in and day out, and open the forums and the in-box, to find nothing but hate mail. While SWTOR isn’t everything we hoped for, it’s still better than many that have come before. I have half a dozen games in mind that were never half as good as SWTOR (even on paper), launched and months later they were gone. SWTOR has survived that initial period and gone on to provide us with content. Many games can’t say the same. If anything, SWTOR and its Crew have tenacity, and that means everything in this industry.

      I know many will not agree with me, but when it comes to Community Management, this crew rocks. I have learned so much from Eric, Courtney and Amber and am grateful to be able to consider them friends. I hope for many long years of customer service is in their futures. There aren’t more deserving individuals of respect and gratitude.

      Cheers! I love you all, and thanks for all the wonderful memories. See you in Wildstar and StarCitizen.

  6. bmal suj says:

    Sorry to loose you guys…

    Happy you’re going to be happy…

    Miss you…

    Good luck! (not that you need it)

  7. Jonathan says:

    Noooo :(
    Well thanks you for all these years!!!

    I don’t think you remember Jeff but we actually met on Guild Summit and I got interviewed by you (with the ridiculous Yoda microphone), I was the big tall Swede ^^

    Would also thank you guys for us being published as the first Swedish guild in Wall of Guilds!
    Thanks for all these years! Looking forward towards having you Deirdre as a community manager for Wildstar! Ruthless will be attending there as well!

    Don’t know what to end with, but as I’ve said, thank you so much for everything!

  8. Nick says:

    Gratz to DD on the new job. Sounds exciting :)

    Many thanks for the efforts you guys have put into TorWars over the years. I wish you success in whatever you try next.

    See you in WildStar 😀

  9. Altoholic says:

    I figured you’d go to at least 200 episodes before you quit. But of course that would take ages.

    Anyways congrats with the job and good luck.

    Btw. DD, did you try that “Vader” drink yet? here it is if you still wanna try it: :)

    having listened to all 176 episodes, I’ve had lots of fun, so thank you for everything and may the force be with you, even if it may not exist in “Wildstar” haha.

  10. Drebs says:

    Even though I quite playing some time ago, I still enjoyed keeping up with the news vis your podcast. You will be missed, and I wish you both every success in the future.

  11. darth something says:

    I’m so sad Its all coming to an end. I’ve been here since almost the start of the website.
    I remember going through a marathon session of listening to like the first 30 podcasts during 2011 – and then the great build up to the launch with Jeff & the whole team and have not missed an episode since that time. Deirdre did an awesome job when she came on board the podcast as well.

    Most of all, i enjoyed listening to Jeff – and him laughing all the time, not taking himself so seriously, that always put a smile on my face. TORWars is 1 of only 2 Podcasts i ever listen to, and now its all over.

    Best of luck to you Deirdre in your new job and you as well Jeff – thanks for the 176 awesome podcasts , and the great laughs you’ve given us, and me.

    Best wishes from Merry Old England – darth something

    • J.W. Hollis says:

      Both of your thoughts (Drebs and Darth Something) are deeply appreciated. We hope to see you guys in the game, or elsewhere in MMO-space!

  12. darakcampbell says:

    Hey Guys,

    I haven’t played the game for a while but I’ve never missed an episode. I’m sorry to see you go but glad you’re moving forward to greener pastures. Going to miss hearing you both…sniff.

  13. Rom says:

    While I stopped playing the game a while back, I have continued to listen/download every single one of your podcasts. I appreciate all the entertainment you guys have provided through the years, as it’s made some parts of my work day fly by with ease. You two are incredibly awesome people, and it’s sad to see a touchstone of the SWTOR community close up shop.

    Take care guys – best of luck!

    • Rom says:

      Also, I’m still not completely caught up on the podcasts, so I’m not 100% sure what’s going on outside of Deirdre getting a gig for Wildstar. I’m not sure if the site will continue to run or not, but I’ll find out soon. Cheers.

  14. Rom says:

    I said not a lot in that sentence. I did NOT mean to do that. #TiredAsHell

  15. Thross says:

    Thank you for all that you’ve done for the SWTOR community. I wish you well!

  16. Chungus says:

    21 Jawa salute I remove the podcast from bookmarks.

    Still gonna follow twitter though!

  17. Kalanu'ayeli'sk says:


  18. snake says:

    Wow… talk about a bomb shell. SWTOR was the one MMO that I followed from announcement to launch. When I was craving content, dreaming about SWTOR, wishing it was out so I could play it, my first stop was always TORWARS.

    When the game launched and I was blissfully devoting 12 hours a day to it, I would still always make time to check TORWARS multiple times a day.

    When the game started to get bad and I stopped playing I would still visit torwars daily because even though the game wasn’t where I wanted it to be, the TORWARS community was always the best part of the game.

    Now, even though I no longer play the game, I still come back to this site at least a few times a week to see what changes have been made and see what ya’ll think of the game.

    Your site has been a bigger part of SWTOR to me than the game itself. I wish you all the best and I will miss checking in from time to time to see what is new.

    Best of luck in the future.


  19. Jerry says:

    I never used to listen to game podcasts. Until someone said I should check out TorWars. You 2, at the time made such an impression on me that I started looking for more podcasts for the different games I play. So thank you for that, and all the information and great entertainment that you provided. Congratulations DD on the new job, and I wish you both lots of luck in your future endeavours. o7

  20. Brian says:

    Thanks for all of the great work! Good luck in the future!

  21. Wicket says:

    mixed emotions for sure!

    I am sad that the site and podcast are at an end but super excited for DD and her new job and any adventures you two get yourselves into in the future! I had a great time meeting you two at the LA community cantina chatting for a bit and love being a member of the TORWARS guild! Thanks for the laughs, the news and memories! See ya around town, online and hopefully in game, though our schedules really have never seemed to line up but hey, when the Death Star aligns with Alderaan right?! ;D May the Force be with you!

    -Josh “Wicket”

  22. Ajay (R2D2) says:

    Congrats on the position Dierdre! I was cheering for you on Twitter.

    I’ve listened to TORWARS for a few years. Not exactly from the start, but close to it. Really going to miss the content and podcast. Always informative with a little humor mixed in too :)

    May the Force be with you both, Jeff and Dierdre, and to the wonderful staff of TORWARS!

  23. Brad says:

    i enjoyed listening to the podcast for couple years now and really gonna miss it now, unless you start doing a wildstar one hint hint. But contrats on the position Dierdre, you will do great, and cant wait to maybe see you guys in game. Sad day indeed but we all move on and its time to move on to bigger and better things so hopefully soon we will be hearing wildstar wars :) good luck and THANKYOU

  24. c. huus says:

    Any idea where we should go now for tor info/blogs etc.?

  25. Andrew says:

    I’m quite sad that TORWars is riding on into the sunset as it were or as Deirdre said they’re, “…dimming the lights.”

  26. Narq says:

    DD & Jeff,
    Well guys, it’s really bittersweet to see you go. For as you leave the Star Wars galaxy, you are on your way to a brand new one, where many of us are headed as well. I have been listening to TORWars for a long, long time in a…

    In fact, even though I no longer play the game, I still stay in touch with its development through your podcast. And as you close the doors on this great thing you have done, I too can now close the doors on some happy memories with SWTOR and prepare to move on to the Wildstar universe with you.

    So this is not, “Good-Bye.” This is, “See You Soon!” Thank you for the wonderful podcasts and great fun. You two have amazing chemistry and are a beautiful couple. Congratulations on your baby, your marriage, and your life!

    Laissez les bons temps rouler!

    And, of course, May the Force Be With You.
    Your fan forever, Narq
    (wipes small tear from eye)

  27. Jeff says:

    Thanks so much for the thoughts, and for listening to the show for so long. We’ll see you in the next massively multiplayer universe! 😉

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